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Amplifier Accessories

Getting maximum car audio performance out of your new amplifier requires proper power wire and other quality accessories. Your new system is only as strong as your weakest install part, and many people make the mistake of buying a very nice amplifier and going with basic wiring. This can lead to many issues including premature amplifier failure, weak performance, blown speakers and other issues like melted fuse holders or consistently popping fuses. We have many options when it comes to running your power flow, including solid oxygen free copper wiring so you get maximum power transfer and maximum value. Many off brand amp kits use inferior copper clad aluminum or other lower quality metal wire that will not transfer power as efficiently and heats up and causes melted wires and other headaches. We also offer top quality distribution blocks, ring terminals, circuit breakers, and fuse holders among other items and they are professional grade to give you the best connection possible!
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