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Code Alarm CA1153 Vehicle Security

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Code Alarm CA1153 Vehicle Security

Like so many, you might be realizing that your sweet new system should be protected by reliable vehicle security, Audio Express recommends the Code Alarm CA1153 Vehicle Security and Keyless Entry System. Lock, unlock and pop the trunk, from one of two, 4-button remote controls. These are guarded by a metal casing for a clean design, plus lasting durability. This system accepts up to four transmitters at a time, so you’ll always have a backup. Your car alarm should be heard and the weatherproof siren that tags along with this system is sure to disrupt the deepest sleeps, screaming at a piercing 125dB. To help prevent from hearing that loud siren cry wolf, the CA1153 features a dual-stage magnetic shock sensor which delivers a warning chirp under potential intrusion. Should the threat persist, the second stage will send the siren blasting at full alert. This security system does offer silent mode for the response, minus the sound. One of the many awesome perks featured in the Code Alarm CA1153 is hijack mode. This setting issues a command to safely shut down any unauthorized engine starts. By doing so it deters possible intruders from your vehicle. To ensure maximum vehicle security, progressive car find can track your vehicles location using its internal GPS. This means that in the event that the worst happens, you’re still covered. Throw in auto-arm and you can rest easy knowing your vehicle, along with everything inside, is safe and sound.

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