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Code Alarm CA5054 Remote Car Start

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Code Alarm CA5054


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Code Alarm CA5054 Remote Car Start

The Code Alarm CA5054 comes with a one way Transmitter that has a 2500 feet range of operation. Built with you in mind. The Code Alarm CA5054 remote car start can start your car on a cold or warm day from your house or unlock the doors with a push of a button. Conveniently built with your lifestyle in mind. Whether its winter or summer you can always have a nice car ready for you whenever you want. If its cold then let your car heat up while your in your nice warm home or office building. If its hot then don’t wait for your AC to actually start kicking in. Turn it on with a remote start before you get into your car so your comfortable no matter what the weather has decided to do outside.

** Notice **

Most 1996 and newer vehicles need an additional bypass module for additional money on any auto start installation.


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