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Marine Audio

Marine Audio

We have the marine audio systems for any toy that you own! Whether you own a boat, motorcycle, golf cart, side by side, or even a Jeep, we have you covered. We can custom build a marine stereo system for your Jet Ski’s, river tubes, and even your river coolers. So if you’re looking for a boat stereo we have you covered.

While regular car audio equipment can put out great sound quality the marine audio grade equipment is specially designed to withstand the harsh environments these toys are subjected to. Salt spray from the ocean, extreme heat and UV rays from the desert, roaring wind rushing past you, these are just a few ways that they experience a much tougher life than our cars. This is why it is so important to be equipped with the right equipment marine stereo system including amplifiers, receivers, speakers, and subwoofers.

We have marine audio mini amplifiers perfect for boats, golf carts, motorcycles and UTV’s that have a special conformal coating on the circuitry to prevent corrosion from humid air, adding years to the life of the electronics. Our marine speakers are built with special plastic designed to withstand years of heat and exposure, not just painted white. They have sealed baskets to keep corrosion from forming on the voice coil, and let’s face it, nobody like rust stains running down the nice white fiberglass on their boat from poor quality speakers rusting out. When you cover your boat after a day at the lake, the wet air gets trapped in the sun under your boat cover, turning your boat into a sauna and essentially steaming your boat stereo. This causes corrosion not covered with warranties on regular car audio gear, and early failure of your stereo right when you want to have some weekend fun. We have head units with that same conformal coating found on the amps to prevent this from happening.

Plus we offer controllers to allow you to adjust the volume or song from you swim step or other area of your choosing. We offer marine audio grade subwoofers, motorcycle lids, and side by side specialty boxes for RZRs, Rangers, Rhinos and more from companies like SSV works.

No matter how you like to play, we have the equipment you want for years of enjoyment to come. Whether you want a boat stereo or just looking for something durable enough for your doors off Jeep we offer quality marine audio equipment to fit your needs. If you are curious as to what we can installed in your toy just stop by today and our professionals will give you all the knowledge you need about marine grade equipment. **“These products were designed for Marine audio applications. While many of these products are water resistant they are not 100% submergible. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound make no claims as to the these products resistance to water, corrosion, or other water related issues.**

Marine Audio
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