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10 Best Car Alarms for 2019

No matter how old or new your car is, it’s always nice to have some peace of mind from additional security. If you have an older vehicle without a built-in security system, you want to think about adding an aftermarket option to help protect your investment and its contents. Even if your car did come with a factory “alarm”, this system rarely have an impact sensor to detect someone breaking in through a window, and typically only honk the horn if a door is opened. There are plenty of options available to make the security system more effective and ward off would-be car thieves. No matter your situation, there’s new technology coming out every year to help make your vehicle more secure.

Here are 10 of the best car alarms on the market in 2019.

1 – Viper 3121V

The Viper 3121V Powersport alarm system is perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV. Since the two-button remotes are waterproof, it’s even a good option for your boat or other watercraft. It has an extra trigger input, and also comes with a shock and tilt sensor onboard. In other words, the alarm can be triggered if someone tries to lift or tow your vehicle. This makes it much more difficult for someone to carry your motorcycle away in the bed of their truck, or tow your jet ski to another area of the lake.

The Viper 3121V features a closed-loop trigger, which is a great way to protect your helmets or other valuables that you may leave with your sports vehicle. As soon as the closed-loop is broken by someone who thinks they can steal anything off of your boat, motorcycle, or ATV, the alarm will sound. This entire system is perfect for just about any vehicle type because it carries an IP66 rating. IP66 enclosures have been rated as “dust tight” and are safe to use even in applications where they may be submerged, hit with waves, or subjected to jets of water.

If you really want to take this system to the next level, consider adding on the VPS450, which is the Viper Powersports GPS system. This add-on will allow you to locate your vehicle through the Viper app on your smartphone. Cloud-based technology, coupled with GPS services, will allow you to find your vehicle even if someone does manage to steal it. Between the Viper Powersport alarm system and the additional GPS security device, you can feel extremely confident that your vehicle is safe.

Why It’s a Top Choice: The tilt sensor, shock sensor, and closed-loop security system all make this an excellent choice for any recreational sports vehicle. When you add the GPS security locator, you take it to the next level. If you’re looking for the best boat or motorcycle security, look no further.

2 – Viper DS4+

The Viper DS4+ is an a la carte remote start system that can be built to order and work with the remote you already have from the OEM. Alternatively, you can build it into a full aftermarket security system and add all kinds of different accessories depending on your security plan. It offers optional upgraded smartphone control, onboard Bluetooth technology, keyless entry, and remote start capabilities. From there, you can decide on even more ways to upgrade.

Try adding any of the following:

  • DS4WS Wireless Siren Security

    This siren can work wirelessly, thanks to Bluetooth technology. In other words, there are fewer requirements for wiring through firewalls, so installation should be fast and easy.

  • DS4SU Standard Security Upgrade

    This system provides additional protection from people who might want to steal the contents of your vehicle (or steal the vehicle itself). It comes with a six-tone siren that is sure to attract a lot of attention.

  • Remote and Antenna Range Extender Kits

    For something like this, you can add the D9756V five-button remote and D9116V as a couple. Viper makes both of these, so they’ll work beautifully with the rest of your system, and extend the range of the remote past your factory fob.

  • T Harnesses

    If your vehicle isn’t already equipped for remote start, the right T Harness may be the least invasive wiring option to get it upgraded.

Why it’s a Top Choice: The customizable nature of this system makes it a winner for anyone who wants to add as many features as possible. You can make it your own with a unique security plan to protect your vehicle as completely as possible.

3 – Viper VSM550 and Voxx Carlink ASCL6 Smartphone Integration Kit

The Viper VSM550 and Voxx Carlink ASCL6 both allow you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s security system. That gives you one less remote to worry about and also gives you superior control through the same device you’re already using all day. Enjoy virtually unlimited range, as long as you have cell service and easy controls through an intuitive app. The entire list of features will depend partially upon the security system you have installed in your car. We can help you choose between these two kits to access features and information like the following:

  • -See your vehicle’s location and speed. This is perfect for anyone who has a shared vehicle, and you can even set it up to provide customized alerts based on GPS, perfect for teen drivers and fleet vehicle owners.
  • -Lock, unlock, open the trunk, sound the alarm, or start your vehicle from virtually anywhere.
  • -Check the location of your vehicle to help find your spot in a crowded parking lot.
  • -Use social sharing to help your friends find the vehicle, then even unlock it for them when they get there.
  • -Keep track of how much time is left on your parking meter.

Why it’s a Top Choice: We already run so much of our lives through our smartphones, it’s almost second nature to use all the various apps. Adding one of these systems makes the security system in your vehicle even easier to control. It also extends your access to anywhere you have cell service.

4 – Viper 3100V

The Viper 3100V isn’t quite as intense as some of the other options from this manufacturer of premium car alarms. That said, it still offers more than enough protection for most vehicles. It’s one of the most affordable offerings Viper makes. It’s a good entry-level option for people who just want to add a basic security system to their car. It may not be as customizable and feature-rich as some of the other Viper products. Luckily, it still offers all the features you’d expect from a normal security system:

  • -Two-stage shock sensor

  • -Protection for the doors, hood, and trunk

  • -Engine immobilization control

  • -Flashes parking lights when locking, unlocking, or triggering the alarm for added visibility

  • -Three-button remote with panic, auxiliary, and lock/unlock

  • -Keyless entry

Why it’s a Top Choice: This is a top choice for people who don’t have a security system in their current vehicle and want something basic to protect their car or truck. The perfect option for when you just want to add something simple. For the price, it’s hard to find a better option for remote locking and unlocking.

5 – Code CA1055

Similar to the Viper 3100V above, the Code CA1055 is a great entry-level option for people who don’t yet have any kind of security system in their vehicle. The price is right, and it still has a decent amount of basic car security features. It comes with two one-way remotes, each with four buttons, which is helpful for people who share a vehicle. You can expect all of the following features from this security system:

  • -Keyless entry

  • -Remote trunk opening

  • -Panic button to sound the alarm

  • -A weatherproof siren that sounds at 125 decibels

  • -Progressive Car Find compatibility

  • -Two-stage shock sensor (light touch or full trigger)

  • -Limited lifetime warranty

  • -1,000 feet of range

Why it’s a Top Choice: It’s definitely better than nothing, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your car alarm. It works reliably and has all the necessary features for a basic security package.

6 – Code CA1555

The Code CA1555 car alarm system is one of a kind and was made exclusively for Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound. One of the many great things about this remote is that it includes an LCD display to give you superior feedback about the status of your vehicle. In addition to the five-button, two-way transmitter with an LCD display, it also includes a one-way, four-button transmitter as a backup remote. If you wish to add even more transmitters, it will accept up to four.

All of the transmitters you use do communicate with a glass-mounted antenna. The antenna is designed to provide the longest possible communication range– covering up to 2,500 feet of distance dep3ending on what’s between you and the vehicle. The antenna includes a built-in LED light as well as a valet switch. If you aren’t the only driver of your vehicle, two-car mode and Progressive Car Finder add security and convenience for people who share a vehicle with their family.

All of this comes with a weatherproof siren that’s designed to go under the hood and sounds at 125 decibels. Other lines of defense include a “real panic sound” horn relay, hijack mode, starter kill, and a shock sensor. The shock sensor has two settings for both light touch and full trigger. Keyless entry, keyless trunk opening, and an alarm clock for timing your parking meter all take convenience to the next level. A limited lifetime warranty should help give you even more peace of mind about the system as well.

Why it’s a Top Choice: The amount of information you can get from the LCD display screen sets this alarm apart from many others. You don’t even have to integrate it with your smartphone to get intelligent feedback. There’s nothing else quite like the Code Alarm CA1555 two-way car alarm, so it’s definitely worth a look before you make your final decision.

7 – Viper 5305V Two-Way Alarm and Autostart

Speaking of LCD screen feedback on your remote, you can also find another version of that with the Viper 5305V two-way alarm with autostart capability. The LCD screen comes on a four-button key fob that also has two-way communication capabilities. There’s also a four-button one-way transmitter for the second driver or as your backup. Both transmitters allow you to start your engine from up to a quarter-mile away from the vehicle.

The remote start technology and the backlit LCD screen with status feedback displays are the biggest draws to this particular security system. There are plenty of other features that combine to make this car alarm worth every penny:

  • -Failsafe Starter Kill

  • -Double Guard Shock Sensor

  • -Six-Tone Siren

  • -Separate Ports for ESP2 and D2D

Why it’s a Top Choice: Viper is one of the best car alarm brands in the world, and this is one of their finest offerings. The long-range and remote start capabilities are some of the best things about this particular car security system.

8 – Viper 5806V LED Two-Way Alarm and Autostart

The Viper 5806V two-way security and remote start system is state of the art. The two-way transmitter has five buttons and LED lights, and can work from an impressive range of up to one mile. That’s not the only thing that makes these transmitters unique– they can also support up to two vehicles. They even work well with older vehicles as well as new vehicles.

The two-way remotes are slender enough to fit easily into just about any pocket or purse, and they’re also easy to hold and use with a single hand. They look great thanks to the LED lights, and now they’re even rechargeable. In addition to your state of the art, two-way transmitter, you’ll also get a five-button one-way transmitter.

Why it’s a Top Choice: As with everything else Viper makes, these transmitters are state of the art. The one-mile range is about the best you can find anywhere, and they’re also extremely sleek and attractive.

9 – Viper 5906V Color Two-Way Top of the Line System

The Viper 5906V is yet another top of the line system from Viper, made for people who want the best of everything. The color screen makes it more accessible than ever to navigate the upgraded user interface via Viper’s patented menu wheel. This remote has a range of up to one-mile, which gives you more freedom than ever to use your two-way security system and remote start capabilities. Viper spared no effort when making this remote, as it even includes a mini-USB port for easy charging.

In addition to the great features above, you can expect all of the following:

  • -OLED Display With Priority Icon Map

  • -One-Way Companion Remote for Backup or Second Driver

  • -Interior Temperature Display

  • -Two-Car Operation

  • -Custom Animations on Screen

Why it’s a Top Choice: There are a lot of great ways to control a Viper security system in your car, but this may be the best of the best. The color screen is useful, unbelievably impressive, and gives this particular remote a unique look.

10 – Code CA6555 Two-Way Autostart Alarm System

The Code CA6555 gives some of the high-end Viper alarm systems a run for their money. It offers the best of the best in terms of both security and convenience. Thanks to its long-range and two-way feedback, this is a must-consider system. With a reach of up to 2,500 feet, you can control your security system from nearly half a mile away. This state of the art unit also comes with a second four-button one-way transmitter and can pair with up to four total transmitters.

Why it’s a Top Choice: Turn any car into a smart vehicle by adding this system. One feature to highlight is the ability to start the vehicle at the same time every morning if you’re on a set morning routine. Don’t worry about wasting too much fuel if you decide to hit snooze and sleep in. You can set a maximum run time for after the vehicle has been started automatically. The security features are second to none, too, so definitely consider this option when you’re looking for the best car alarm available.

Car Alarm Installation Near Me

The best way to make sure your car security system works as intended is to have it professionally installed by experts. Here at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound, we can handle any of the systems on this list. As always, we also offer the lowest total installed price guaranteed. See us today to take your security to the next level.

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