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4 Best Subwoofer Amplifiers for Your Car or Truck

Subwoofers are one of the most influential components of any car stereo system. When it’s all about the bass, use subwoofer amps to enhance your car audio. Amplifiers help your head unit provide a clear signal to other parts of your audio system by offering a dedicated power source for your subwoofer.

Audiophiles use many different types of amplifiers to give themselves the highest level of sound quality at any volume. Finding the right amplifier for your system is important. Otherwise, you could end up making costly replacements down the road.

Here are four of the top amplifiers to power your subwoofer.

1 – Alpine MRV-M500 Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

This sharp-looking amplifier produces impressive power for those who want clean, clear bass in their vehicle. The maximum power is over 500 watts, which makes it one of the best values in subwoofer amplifiers available. Owners of the Alpine Monoblock will enjoy bass equalizer controls, as well as a built-in crossover to go with the unbeatable power.

If you’re proud of your subwoofers, and you want to give them the best power for the dollar as possible, this might be the amplifier for you. The bass will be as clear and crisp as it is loud, and this amp gives you plenty of control to go with all that power.

2 – JL Audio VX1000/5I Five Channel Amplifier

This is a top-shelf option for audiophiles who don’t want to sacrifice any sound quality when they’re on the road. It can power your complete car audio system, including your subwoofer. This is an all-in-one solution for those who want to provide clean, powerful signals to every component of their system without adding a lot of different amps, and enjoy the best sound JL Audio has to offer in an amplifier.

This five-channel amplifier produces 600 watts for its bass channel, and 100 watts on every other channel. This amplifier comes with a sleek design and all of today’s cutting edge technology. Featuring top notch digital sound processing controls, and custom sound equalization on a whole new level, this is an item you definitely want a professional installing and tuning. It provides drivers with a lot of flexibility, allowing you to add any top of the line speakers and woofers to give you an amazing acoustical storm of entertainment.

3 – Kicker 44CXA600.1 Mono Bass Amplifier

This product is extremely reasonably priced for how powerful it is. It provides 600 continuous RMS watts of power, which is enough even for the most aggressive bass setups. All this performance comes in a sleek, attractive look, and some drivers might choose to keep the Kicker 44CXA600.1 Mono Bass Amp visible to show off their audio equipment. Fine-tuning the performance of this amp is a snap using controls behind a hinged panel door.

Even if you do decide to hide this amp away, you’ll be able to control the output level thanks to a wireless remote. No matter how you decide to control this amplifier, you can expect impressive, reliable performance for many years to come. Your bass will be both stronger and more refined thanks to the enhanced signal it gets from this amplifier.

4 – Kenwood Excelon XR901-5 Five Channel Amplifier

The Kenwood Excelon XR901-5 Five Channel Amplifier is a great buy for anyone who is looking to experience the sound quality of Hi-Res music. High resolution gives you the true sound experience your artists intended you to have when listening to their music, and few products on the car audio market today are compatible. With a Hi-Res capable Kenwood head unit, and matching Hi-Res Excelon speakers, your music will never sound better than thru this 5 channel amplifier. The combination of ample power, a clear signal, and excellent features make this amp unbeatable for its price range. It can generate up to 150 watts per channel at two ohms, and 600 watts on the subwoofer side, which is more than enough for most automotive audio setups.

Beyond providing all of that power to five different channels, this amp makes its mark on your audio system by managing feedback. Reducing unwanted noise from your audio signals produces refined sound from every component of your audio. This is one of the best audio components you can buy to enhance your listening experience without breaking the bank dramatically.

Best Subwoofer Amps

Audio Express carries the best line of amps to bring more power for every component of your automotive audio system. Your subwoofers carry the sound by providing deep, rich bass. Empower them with a clear signal by using a reliable amplifier.

Our experts at Audio Express specialize in creating a powerful audio performance in every type of vehicle. When you want to generate thumping bass from a new subwoofer or the one you already have, use an amp to deliver a strong signal. Your bass will be richer at every volume, and the sound quality will be superior to just about anything you could expect from a factory setup.

We provide leading automotive audio products for customers who refuse to settle, and we complete every job with a fast, effective, inexpensive professional installation. Find an Audio Express location near you to upgrade your system today!

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