Collision avoidance systems from Audio Express

4 Collision Avoidance Systems That Make You a Safer Driver

It’s getting easier to avoid collisions all the time as cars evolve, and the auto industry has never been more focused on safety than it is today. While modern cars are coming with features designed to help the driver steer clear of collisions, there are also options available to make your current vehicle safer to drive. There are four essential products that we’d recommend installing on every vehicle to decrease the risk of accidents.

Backup Cameras

Collision avoidance systems from Audio Express

A shocking amount of all accidents happen while backing up. This is partially because drivers aren’t used to operating a car in reverse, but primarily due to limited visibility. Installing backup cameras to your vehicle greatly reduces the risk that you will hit something while in reverse. The cameras on the rear of the vehicle feed to a screen in the front of the car, giving you a close look at what’s behind the car.

Because the cameras are well below the rear window, they enable the driver to notice things that there would otherwise be no chance of seeing. In some cases, you can even get the monitor to be a part of your rearview mirror. This option gives drivers the ability to check their mirror and see the feed from the backup camera at the same time.

Dash Cameras

Collision avoidance systems from Audio Express

While backup cameras are primarily to reduce collisions, dash cameras can come in handy if a crash does unfortunately occur. A dash cam can save a driver a lot of money on insurance claims, or in severe cases can help the driver in court. Modern dash cams film with enough frames per second to create a smooth, high-quality video. Some dash cams will also record other information.
They can use GPS to determine speed, location, and even the direction in which the car is traveling. In the event of an accident, some dash cameras will automatically detect the incident, and mark that portion of the video for easy viewing.

Parking Assistance Sensors

Collision avoidance systems from Audio Express

Parking assist sensors fulfill much of the same role as backup cameras. While they are not quite as capable, because they don’t provide a visual to the driver, they are also less expensive. These sensors communicate with the driver using beeps and an LED display to represent how much space the car has between the bumper and the nearest objects. This helps the driver gauge distance when backing up, and detect objects or people that are hidden from view behind the car.

Blind Spot Camera

Collision avoidance systems from Audio Express

The rear of a vehicle is not a car’s only location with limited visibility. There are nearly constant accidents caused because a driver can’t see everything to the side of the vehicle when switching lanes. Blind spot cameras can be mounted to the side mirrors to dramatically increase visibility and safety in these situations. The camera will automatically activate when a turn signal is turned on, and give the driver a great look at an otherwise hard to see an area.

Collision Avoidance Products at Audio Express

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