5 Questions To Ask When You’re Shopping For a New Radio

There are nearly endless options to choose from when you’re shopping for a new radio to create the best car audio experience. The best car radio options should have all of the features you want in your car audio system. New technology offers some awesome options including the following:

  • Playback for different file types like MPS/WMA/AAC
  • Support for iPod, iPhone and Android phones
  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Satellite radio options
  • Playback for DVDs or other video options
  • Bluetooth capability
  • GPS Navigation capability
  • Integration to support Pandora Internet radio and other apps

What Kind of Receiver Do I Need for My Car?

Your audio experience starts here with the system head. Do you want a simple interface or one that offers all the bells and whistles? Look into several receiver options to see which one is your perfect match. A multimedia or Navigation unit offers a big, easy-to-use touchscreen.

Why Should I Add an Amplifier to My Car?

An amplifier takes the signal from the receiver or preamp and boosts it to deliver power to all your speakers. Adding an amplifier improves your system’s ability to provide clear sound at any volume. It comes in handy when you want to let your speakers roar on a summer day with your windows down.

Do I Need New Speakers in My Car?

This one depends a lot on how much the manufacturer puts into the sound system. Some luxury cars and high trim levels come complete with great speakers, but many are still made from paper and other components that don’t hold up long term in today’s harsh environments. Other OEMs don’t pay much attention to the audio components. Upgrading the speakers will create better sound and reduce the risk of malfunction at high volumes, and give you clearer sound and longer speaker life.

How Can I Get More Bass in My Car?

A lot of today’s new music is all about the bass, and adding a subwoofer will add more defined layers to almost any piece of music. You will hear (and even feel) the difference right away after you add a great subwoofer to your vehicle.

Can I Get Audio Express Best Prices?

This question is the easiest one to answer– you can if you shop at Audio Express! We offer unbeatable prices to go with our leading industry service.

Professional Installs at Audio Express

No matter what kind of car audio equipment you decide to choose, professional installation will help it perform best. We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand we sell, so you can always count on a flawless installation in addition to our lowest guaranteed installed price. Find a location near you to start your upgrade today!

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