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5 Things You Should Know about Car Speaker Installation

Are you not getting the sound out of your car stereo that you had hoped? Bass not thumping the way you’d like? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your speakers. Here are some important things to consider before installing new speakers.


Audio Express Amplifier

If you’re keeping your factory stereo, you may want to consider an external amplifier in addition to new speakers. Most factory stereos don’t offer much power; without an external amplifier, upgrading speakers will give you a little better sound. But for more volume and clarity, more power is necessary and an amplifier will get the job done.

If you’ve already upgraded your stereo, look at the user manual that came with it to discover its output. Depending on the receiver, it is likely to have enough power for your new speakers, but higher end speakers an component sets will always perform better with more power than what an aftermarket stereo provides.

Sound Range

Audio Express Speaker Sound

Which sound range is most important to you? If you want more low-end bass, then it might be a good idea to add a subwoofer to your speaker system. The right subwoofer will provide a great amount of low range sound as you listen to your favorite songs.

It’s not all about the “thump;” even high end home audio systems always have a subwoofer to give the complete range of sound. If you’re looking for more of the high level, consider a pair of imaging tweeters to increase the high range quality and sound stage.

Then again, a great speaker system utilizes a perfect combination of high-, mid- and low-range capabilities, so adding or upgrading your tweeters and subwoofer at the same time as upgrading your mid-range speakers will help you achieve the best sound possible.

Speaker System

Audio Express Component Speakers

Most speakers fall into two types of systems: component and coaxial. Component is a combination of high-, mid- and/or low-range specific speakers as mentioned above. Coaxial speakers are designed to handle the full spectrum of sound ranges. They are cheaper and easier to install, but pale in comparison to the sound staging and imaging of a component speaker system.

Speaker Size

Audio Express Speaker Size

Every vehicle is designed with preset speaker sizes, as speakers typically are hidden in your door’s kick panel or other areas to provide the best sound in the safest location. Our Car Audio Professionals can help you determine which speakers will fit your car. Just because a speaker is 6 inches x 9 inches doesn’t mean it will fit your car’s 6” x 9” location. Other factors like speaker depth, basket size or tweeter height can change the fit. Best option is to consult a professional to make sure you get the best fit for your vehicle.

Get the Job Done Right at Audio Express

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Installing new speakers, especially component speakers, can be a tricky job. There are many things to consider, from wiring, to tweeter placement and the best acoustic for your specific vehicle. At Audio Express, our experienced car audio professionals offer installation at the lowest rates available, so stop by one of our locations to talk about upgrading your speakers.

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