8 Tools You Need to Add to Your Car Audio Toolbox

If your idea of a great weekend is hanging out in your garage to make upgrades to your car, make sure you have the right tools to complete the job effectively. Any mechanic will tell you there’s no such thing as “too many options” in the toolbox, but here are eight of our all-time favorites:

Trim Panel Tools

If you plan to do anything more than the most basic work on your vehicle’s audio components, you’re going to have to remove panels to get to your wiring. Dedicated trim panel tools make this part of the job easier and will prevent damage to your panels.

Wire Strippers

A great wire stripper works quickly and effectively to make upgrading your electrical equipment easy. Stripping wires with scissors or utility blade can take a long time and add an unnecessary element of danger

Flush Cutters or Cable Cutters/Crimping tool

Some cutters offer more power, while others are built for precision, so it’s best to have multiple options so all your bases are covered. Finding a tool with cutting and crimping ability is ideal.

Containers with Different Compartments

A tackle box screw organizer is perfect for holding all the nuts and bolts you take off. Keep different parts separated, and they’ll be easy to find when you need them.

Wire Connectors

Wire connectors obliterate the need to solder electrical wiring. Twist the wires together and cover them with a cap or connector!

A Powerful Magnet

If you’ve ever spent several frustrating minutes fishing a small screw out of a tight space, you already understand how useful a good magnet can be.

Universal Back Straps

Flexible back straps with multiple holes will help you secure an upgraded stereo or speaker in the space where your original equipment once was.

Multimeter for Testing Current

Use a multimeter to test current before you hook all your components up. It only takes a moment to verify that the signal is coming through, and it can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Professional Audio Installs

Some of us are comfortable taking a “do it yourself” approach to enhancing our car’s audio system. For everyone else, Audio Express offers choices of the best car receivers and the lowest guaranteed cost for professional audio installs.

We specialize in all things audio and can help drivers with any level of DIY expertise. Find an Audio Express location near you for any of the following reasons:

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  • To get a helping hand with your installation so you can sit back and enjoy the results

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