How Adding Bass Will Give You Fuller Sound

Unless you have an expensive car with high-end sound system upgrades, there’s a good chance the manufacturer didn’t put much focus on audio performance. Even the upgraded systems typically use poor quality paper speakers that degrade quickly in our harsh environments. Of all the areas that may be lacking, the quality of your bass is probably the biggest area for improvement. Some drivers are amazed when they realize that adding bass to their vehicle can enhance every type of music.

Which Types of Music Can Better Bass Help Sound Better?

It’s not just rap or electronic music that will sound better when you add better bass to your car. Even classical and acoustic music has a bass component, whether a Cello, Bass guitar, or string Bass instrument, and adding a subwoofer to your setup will round out the sound of any song. Earth-rattling bass will certainly be a big selling point for some people, but better low notes and full sound will upgrade the quality of your music at every volume. Clear, clean low bass notes will help even the most particular audiophiles have an enjoyable experience on the go. A subwoofer will help you hear bass notes the closer to the way the musical artists intended, as well as lessen the fatigue and wear on your current factory speakers as they try to reproduce frequencies that are beyond their capability.

Will Better Speakers Help With Bass?

Some speakers are made with a single focus on capturing high notes, but most car speakers are designed to capture a pretty full range. In other words, upgrading the speaker quality in your car will help with the complete spectrum of sound, including bass notes. Even if you plan to add a subwoofer, or have already added one, premium speakers will round out the bass, especially for notes on the higher end of the bass range, and give you clear, consistent voice and treble frequencies. When our clients really want to perfect the bass in their vehicle, we always recommend that they also include speaker upgrades in their holistic approach to superior sound quality.

How Can I Improve the Bass in My Car’s Sound System?

Besides including a subwoofer and upgrading speakers, adding an amplifier is one of the very best ways to get better bass and cleaner sound in your vehicle. Simply put, an amplifier takes a weak audio signal and makes it stronger. This will be especially important when you add a subwoofer that requires a strong signal to produce excellent bass sound. An amplifier helps you get better performance from every part of your audio setup.

Best Car Audio Products Near Me

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