The Advantages of Having a Touchscreen Receiver in Your Car

Many of today’s new cars include a touchscreen receiver. These improved receivers mark a significant leap forward in automotive technology as screens become more and more integral to our lifestyles. It’s easy to see why most drivers of old cars say a better receiver is one of the most important features they’re missing out on. Luckily, a touchscreen receiver upgrade is a relatively accessible enhancement.

Why Upgrade Receiver

There are several great reasons why touchscreen receivers have become the new industry standard. They look great and add a pop of technological swagger to your interior, but they also serve better, more functional purposes. The touchscreen is the interactive hub for your entire infotainment system. Put the look and function of a smartphone or tablet right into your dashboard. A touchscreen upgrade makes it easier for drivers and passengers alike to stay entertained on long and boring road trips, and can even enhance the safety of your vehicle with additional cameras, as well as helping you keep your eyes on the road thru ease of use and a larger user interface.

Better Audio Receiver Display

Outdated audio receivers have a tiny display that can only show you a few words at a time. When a great song comes on, you might have to wait for the display to scroll so you can see the full title or band name, which is both time consuming and dangerous while you’re driving. Everything is easier to read, and touch screens can even display logos and album art for faster recognition.

In some cases, your receiver may even be able to use a split screen to display multiple types of information at once. High-quality color displays are as easy to read as your smartphone, so you no longer have to block the sun with your hand to see what your receiver says. You’ll also get better video for your passengers, or for when you’re parked and want to be entertained. Consider receivers with other video capabilities to bring the newest technological advancements with you on the go.

Add a Rear-View Camera for Parking Assistance

Depending on your vehicle, it can be difficult to see behind you when you’re backing up. Most accidents happen when a car is reversing, and this is a direct result of poor vision. Reduce the risk of fender benders, or even more serious accidents, by adding a backup camera to your vehicle. When you link your backup cam to your touchscreen receiver, you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re headed. Take the view from your rear bumper and put it directly on your dashboard for easy parking and generally safer reversing.

Enhanced Connectivity

A touchscreen receiver makes for a smoother connection with your smartphone. You can connect using Bluetooth to make hands free calls or stream music without having to reach for your phone. The most advanced touchscreens will even allow you to access some of your favorite apps directly through the dash.

GPS Navigation Technology

We’re all becoming more and more reliant on our phones for directions. This causes problems for some drivers because reaching for the phone while driving can be dangerous, and is even illegal in a lot of states. Avoid looking down for your phone by putting the map directly in your natural field of vision. Touchscreen receivers can also offer larger images and better clarity than your smartphone, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to squint at a tiny screen. Receivers with embedded navigation offer you directions even when there is no data cellphone coverage, so no matter where you go, you’re never lost.

Increased Radio Function

Touchscreen receivers give you way more information than small and outdated receivers from older cars. This makes it easier to know what you’re listening to, especially when you hear a new song that you want to find again later. The most advanced receivers will integrate with iTunes or your smartphone so you can choose songs you want to purchase or download. The menus are easier to navigate, too. Instead of searching through music with a knob and a couple of buttons, use an interactive interface like what you’re used to on your phone. Adjust your sound settings or change the source without all the confusion that can distract you from the task at hand.

Dual Zone Audio

Some touchscreen receivers give you improved control over your entire audio system. Split the listening experience between the front and back seat to keep everybody happy. You can catch up on the news or take a call while your passengers listen to music or their favorite podcast.

Best Touchscreen Receiver Install

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