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For some people, the stock audio equipment in a car might be good enough, but that’s just not the case for audiophiles. Customers come to Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound to upgrade their old factory equipment and make the most of their vehicle’s audio experience. Your car’s sound system is only as good as its weakest link, so let’s take a look at some of the best audio products for vehicles.

BLAM speakers

BLAM speakers – When Guy Bonneville created Bonneville Laboratories Acoustic Measurements, otherwise known as BLAM, he set out to create the best-sounding speaker possible. Previously, Guy was one of the lead engineers at Focal, and spent his career creating speakers that truly gave the listener the sound quality they were looking for. BLAM speakers represent the culmination of years of work and experience, and are designed to recreate the music as the artist intended, surpassing any competitors’ products, to truly give you balanced, clean, and beautiful “French Sound.”

JL Audio C7 Components

JL Audio’s C7 project was led by CEO Lucio Proni himself (The “L” in “JL Audio”) in an effort to create the best component speakers ever. Every detail of these speakers was fine-tuned to create a higher level of dynamic capability and fidelity. The uncompromising approach toward better sound quality in cars led to an unprecedented level of performance and technical integrity.

HELIX, and JL Audio VXi Amplifiers

When you start adding better speakers to your car, they’re going to need a stronger signal. This is especially true when you crank up the bass with a new subwoofer. JL Audio, BLAM, and HELIX make amplifiers that are fit for any audiophile’s vehicle.
JL Audio VXi Amplifiers – These cutting-edge car audio products add a digital signal processor to JL Audio’s powerful amplifier technology to create one of a kind output and sound quality.

HELIX Amplifiers – HELIX produces amps with integrated, active crossovers, as well as Digital sound processing features, to deliver breathtaking results from pure signals without unwanted frequencies and distortion.

Kenwood eXcelon Hi-Res Head Units

The Kenwood eXcelon line is the brand’s flagship line, representing the most advanced collection of high-tech audio components for cars. Designed with audiophiles in mind, every product in this series offers uncompromising sound quality and reduces imperfections in the automotive listening environment. Look no further than the Kenwood eXcelon DNX996XR with its wide range of connectivity options, smooth touchscreen interface, and peerless signal output.

Hi-Res Amps

The right amplifier can revolutionize your car’s audio system. Shop our options like the Kenwood eXcelon XR9015, which offers five channels to help audiophiles optimize every component of their car’s sound system. Our assortment of Hi-Res amps is designed to offer the best possible sound regardless of budgetary and space requirements.

Best Prices for Cutting Edge Car Audio Products

You pay for what you get, and that truism leads some audiophiles to ride it out with their subpar car audio system. You don’t have to sacrifice your listening experience because of the price! We at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound offer the lowest total installed price guaranteed, so you can save money even when you upgrade to the top of the line car audio components.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you identify the right technology for your system, then perform quick professional installations to get you up and running. A better listening experience is right around the corner, so find a location near you and come see us today.

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