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Benefits of a Car Video Monitor and TV

Have you ever considered a video system for your car? More and more people are discovering how great it can be to have a video system in their vehicle to shorten long road trips, or make the drive to the grocery store that much quieter.

Here is a look at some of the benefits one might bring you.  

Road Trips

Audio Express Car Video System Roadtrip

If you have kids, then you know just how distracting and restless they can get on a long drive. Whether it’s a day trip to the lake or a longer drive out of state, children get bored. Their youthful energy makes it hard to stay in the car seat for hours on end. Enter a drop-down DVD player or Concept headrests; that boredom comes to an end, and you get your peace back while they listen to their content thru wireless headphones.

Adding a new, quality video monitor will provide your children hours of entertainment, watching their favorite movies, and allow you to focus on the road.

Back-Up Camera Capability

Audio Express Backup Camera Monitor

Blind spots can be terrible when backing out of a parking space and it’s impossible to see anything directly behind your rear bumper. Adding a back-up camera to your video receiver can reduce the risk of backing into or over something you couldn’t see through your rearview mirror or your rear window.

This is especially helpful when you drive trucks or SUVs. Back-up cameras are also great tools to assist in backing into a cluttered garage without bumping into anything. The image can also appear in your rear view mirror, or a separate, custom installed screen if you don’t have an in-dash monitor.


Audio Express Navigation Screen Monitor

While most of us use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for navigation, sometimes just having a voice giving you directions through your speakers isn’t enough. If you’re driving down the freeway in rush hour, it can be helpful to know which exit you need before you need it.

Google Maps and the other apps often only give a half-mile notification of your next exit or turn. When you’re flying down the fast lane in heavy traffic, that half mile may not give enough time to merge across traffic to get to your exit.
With the right in-dash video receiver the map comes to your screen to show you in advance your next move. Using the receiver’s built-in navigation is one option, but many receivers come equipped with the ability to use your favorite app right on the screen, giving you the benefit of on-screen display with real-time traffic updates from apps like Waze.

Larger Display

Audio Express Car Monitor TV Screen

Trying to get information from the screen of a standard single DIN stereo receiver can be a pain, and dangerous, especially if it’s a single line set to scroll through. You end up repeatedly looking at the display to get the information you’re looking for, instead of the road. With a larger video display, all of the information can be seen in one quick glance, allowing you to keep more focus on what around and ahead of you.

Audio Express

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Would you like to learn more about video systems for vehicles? Want to drive safer with a backup camera? Stop by one of our many Audio Express locations and talk to one of our Car Audio Professionals to find the right video or safety system for your car. Check out our specials on our website, and remember, we always guarantee the lowest installed price in town.

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