Best Ways to Control your iPhone or Smartphone In the Car

Best Ways to Control your iPhone or Smartphone In the Car

Technology is always advancing. With that, comes a change in the way we listen to music and communicate via devices. With so many new models of Android phones and iPhones coming out, it can be hard to keep up with the many gadgets to integrate your new smartphone into your car stereo. At Audio Express, we want to make controlling your phone in the car as easy as possible, helping you understand the different ways to do so.

Here is a look at different options to help you determine the option best for you:

Auxiliary Cords

If your car’s stereo system has an auxiliary input, you can buy a 3.5mm auxiliary cord to connect your iPhone or other smart device. This allows you to transmit the audio from your cellular device to the speakers of your vehicle. It is a very straightforward method, eliminating the bells and whistles offered by other options, such as battery charging, and display of song information.

Bluetooth Connection

As technology advances, devices gradually become more simplistic, removing extra compartments like wires and antennas. Sticking to this ideology came the development of Bluetooth; a wireless interconnection method. Most all smartphones and other devices have the Bluetooth features, just as most vehicles do. If your vehicle has the capability to utilize Bluetooth audio streaming, pairing your iPhone or iPod is very simple. If it has NFC (Near field communication) functions, it may require nothing more than holding your device in close enough proximity to the Bluetooth connector. Others will need you to pair your phone thru a Bluetooth menu and pin. For the vehicles who do not possess Bluetooth features, Audio Express provides a range of different gadgets to add it in.

Compatible Stereos

To get the most control over your new device, you will want to equipiphone carplay your car with a compatible stereo. Compatible stereo systems provide you with full access to your music library without the need to physically touch your phone or smart device. A list of stereos includes iPhone CarPlay, Pandora, Siri control, and Audio Playback. The most direct connection is typically thru a USB input on your stereo.

Connect Your Device Today

With the constant evolution of technology, you want to make sure you get an audio system that will meet your needs, letting you be in full control of your music through the use of your smart phone. Different features may be available depending on the software your phone is running, or whether its an Android or Apple smart device.

Getting the most out of your phone in your car can be confusing at first, but finding the right system eliminates all complications. Contact the experts at Audio Express today to learn more about what method works best for you.

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