atrendshieldAtrend has been one of the top subwoofer enclosure companies for years, and all their products are built with quality and workmanship in mind. They offer a wide range of boxes, from ported and sealed, to vehicle specific and bed liner covered. Atrend designs their boxes with performance in mind, making sure that you are getting everything you can out of your subwoofer system. Atrend’s boxes are made using high quality medium density fiberboard, or MDF. The ports are tuned and engineered to provide maximum output with minimal port noise, and their sealed boxes give you solid, clean sound. Atrend also offers vehicle specific boxes, for cars and trucks like Camaros and Silverados, Dodge Ram’s, F150’s and more. These are built to fit in factory locations and give you the best performance with that OEM look and fit many of today’s customers are looking for. Atrend even offers boxes with custom, hydro dipped graphics and designs.

Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound is proud to partner with Atrend and off their products. If you are looking for a solid woofer box that will give you the sound quality and volume, call or come by and our car audio installation specialist will be happy to show you the enclosures that work best in your vehicle!