clarionshieldThe market environment for Clarion’s business, as well as the origins of the added value our products offer, are changing on a global scale. We believe this is because the market itself is undergoing a structural change. And we also feel it necessary for the Clarion group to regard this change as an enormous opportunity.
Currently we are in the process of revamping our structure to enable simultaneous “strengthening our business base” and “laying the foundation for growth”. Activities are being implemented in order to cultivate new product domains and to become a truly global company with eyes set on upcoming high-growth markets.
Fully understanding the characteristics of each market, we shall also endeavor to develop new technologies in order to offer more innovative products and services. Our primary strength is in being able to offer the resulting products and services to customers in a timely fashion.
We shall always remain true to the spirit of “We are Clarion”, all of us always united in our march forward, meeting our responsibilities to society as part of the Hitachi Group, in order to grow as a company that is truly needed by society.