Dash Cam

Dash-Cam-shieldThe Original Dash Cam company is a leading innovator in DVR manufacturing, designed, tested, and based right here in the USA. DVR stands for digital video recorder, and is a great tool for fleet owners and or parents of young drivers. This type of product is also perfect for protecting yourself from potential insurance fraud. Two of the most popular models, The Dash Cam Pony and the Dash Cam 2 are excellent ways of documenting your surroundings while staying focused on driving, and will be an impartial witness in the occurrence of any accidents or issues. The Pony is a great entry unit at a very affordable price, giving you a front facing camera and screen on the back for viewing. The Dashcam 2 has dual cameras, one with a wide angle lens, and one with a telescopic lens, offering front, rear, or split screen viewing and recording. This product is designed to look both forward and inside the vehicle, a perfect product for company vehicles or parents needing to watch a new driver. Many states no longer require the police to respond to an accident when little damage and no injuries occur, so a windshield mounted DVR is a great way to protect yourself from inaccurate accounts or fraudulent claims in the case of an accident. If you want a quality DVR from a name you can most definitely trust, the Dash Cam company should be at the top of your list.