Bridging an Amplifier

Bridging an Amplifier

Bridging an amplifier involves taking the power of two channels and turning it into a single channel. Sometimes you can more than double the available power. Bridging is a popular way to drive subwoofers.

What you are really doing is combining the power of two separate amplifiers enclosed in one case. Often it is less expensive to use a two channel amplifier than it is to by a mono amp producing the same power. Just be very certain you know what you are buying and understand what is happening.

Check for certain that your amp is bridgeable. Your sales representative or installer will know, or the owner’s manual will have directions. Amps from different manufactures are different, but usually it involves connecting the speaker leads to the positive terminal of one channel and the negative terminal of the other channel. Be sure you have enough load to keep the amp from overheating.

Our professional team has a lot of experience in installing and bridging an amplifier and knowing based on the equipment and design of your system when it is advisable and when it is not.

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