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Buying Guide: What You Need to Know about Headrest Monitors

There are plenty of reasons you should consider installing a headrest video monitor or combination headrest monitor and DVD player in your vehicle. Slim and compact, they take up little space in the vehicle, but deliver lots of entertainment value. Units can be integrated into headrests or attached directly to the factory headrest’s post, allowing them to be compatible with many of today’s newer vehicles equipped with active headrest features.

Plug and Play DVD Headrests

Plug and play systems are essentially pre-installed within a replacement headrest. Installation requires little more than removing the existing headrest and plugging the replacement into the vehicle’s entertainment system. 

Custom Installed Headrest DVD Players

Vehicle owners who want to maintain the factory aesthetics of their vehicle love custom installed headrest DVD players. Installation of these systems requires cutting into the existing headrest and flushing the monitor inside. The main advantage to this type of system is that it blends seamlessly into the overall interior of the vehicle.

Custom Factory Look and Fit Headrest DVD Players

Audio Express Headrest Monitor

Another option for vehicle owners who prefer aftermarket quality when it comes to picture quality and playback options, but want the same factory look, is our OEM custom headrests. Made to OEM specifications, even down to the exact leather pattern, color and grain, these will look like they came right from the factory. You can even have your vehicle model stitched onto the headrest. For consumers interested in this option, Audio Express offers special order factory-matched head rests with your choice of 7 or 8 inch screens with the highest quality DVD player available.

Choosing Integrated or Self-Contained Systems

Another question you need to determine is whether you want an integrated system or one that is self-contained. Integrated systems can be connected to a DVD head unit, which makes it possible to share media on multiple screens and the speaker system within the vehicle. These do require a little more wiring, but the results can keep the whole family entertained on long road trips.

Conversely, you may prefer a self-contained system, which requires little more than connecting it to the car’s power supply, and typically enjoying sound thru a separate wireless IR headphone. These systems include either an LED or LCD backlit monitor, DVD player and speakers or an audio output. This limits the ability to share the entertainment being enjoyed, but it gives everyone the flexibility to enjoy their favorite programming in peace.    

Sorting Through Features Galore

There are more than a few additional features you should look for when installing a vehicle entertainment package. Built-in video games, remote controls and, of course, USB ports and extra headphone jacks are features that you may want to include. The key to selecting the right features is to determine your existing needs and forecast the features that would be most beneficial to the members of your family.

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