Speakers are the final link between your car audio system and clear, beautiful sound. You need to have high-quality speakers if you want to get the best possible listening experience in your vehicle. Most car manufacturers don’t provide high-quality speakers unless you pay for a premium package, and even then they are typically the standard paper speakers but have a low power factory amp attached to them. These low-quality factory components are prone to blowing out, or the foam and paper construction dry rotting after a couple years causing an annoying rattling sound when playing them. Even if you haven’t blown a speaker yet, you might not be maximizing your enjoyment from your music. This is especially true if you’ve already added an amplifier to send a clearer, more powerful signal to the rest of your audio components. Upgrade your speakers to get the most out of your fancy head unit, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

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What Type of Speakers Do I Need?

 Aftermarket speakers will always be better than what the factory provided, especially if you got the base option for your sound system or you have an older car. These aftermarket options generally fall into one of two categories, each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Full range coaxial speakers – This option combines all the elements you need for your sound system. They’ll have a tweeter for the high notes “Coaxial” mounted, and a mid-range woofer for the bass. They may also include a mid-driver and a super tweeter. If you’re interested in replacing the speakers that came with your car as easily as possible, this is your best bet. You can find a wide variety of pricing options and sizes to fit any budget and car. The installation is normally as easy as removing the old speaker and putting a new one in its place, then properly connecting the wires.
  • Component speaker systems – Component speakers have all the elements you can find in full range speakers, but they aren’t necessarily rolled into a single speaker. The tweeters and woofers will be their own separate components, and you’ll typically have a passive crossover or capacitor to divide the frequency range and send every note to the appropriate component. Each component is more specialized and can be mounted in just the right location to provide clear sound that’s especially true to the original recording.


What Is a Good Wattage for Car Speakers?

 Different speaker options offer different levels of sensitivity. If you have a low-powered factory stereo without an amplifier, you’ll need speakers with a high sensitivity rating, and low wattage. This allows them to make the most of a limited signal. If you already have an aftermarket receiver or an amplifier, you’re getting a lot more power to the rest of your system. In this case, choose speakers with a matching wattage range rating. If you don’t know how much power your sound system is creating, consult with your local car audio system to determine which kinds of speakers are the best match.

Similar to the sensitivity rating, speakers also have a power handling capacity. If you’re sticking with the factory head unit and no amplifier, your speakers won’t need to have very high power handling. If you’re sending a lot of power to your speakers, or plan to upgrade your receiver or add an amp, you should get speakers that can handle all of that power and still last a long time.


How to Match Speakers to My Vehicle

 The easiest way to match speakers to your vehicle is to pick components that are the same size as what you already have and give consideration to the power handling and sensitivity rating. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or consult a local audio authority.


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