Car Entertainment

Some people spend a lot of time in their cars, and we’re here to make sure those drivers and their passengers stay entertained at all times. Car entertainment upgrades are perfect for people with or without children, whether you take long road trips in the car or just do a lot of daily driving around town. Choose from our wide selection of products, then have us install them in your vehicle while maintaining your interior look as factory as possible.

We offer options like flip-down screens, headrest monitors, and in-dash entertainment options to ensure every passenger has their own entertainment choices if need be. We securely anchor every component and integrate the technology to your vehicle to ensure it will work for years to come without damaging the rest of the vehicle’s tech. Our video playback systems, DVD players, and more entertainment options will make passengers excited to take a long trip in your vehicle.

Mobile Solutions and Advent 7” and 8” OEM Headrest Solutions

Video entertainment is becoming more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives, and now it’s easier than ever before to add it to your vehicle. Advent is one of the most reliable manufacturers of car video players thanks to its commitment to quality and reliability. Connectivity options include smartphones, tablets, and any other device with HDMI, USB, or MHL output. Stream video or use DVDs to play a video feed directly from the back of your headrests without adding any additional equipment to the roof of your vehicle.

Every viewer can listen to the corresponding audio through wireless dual channel headphones, which means both passengers and the driver can choose their own entertainment. Replace your existing headrests with these DVD and video streaming systems to bring your car entertainment experience to the next level. The headrests are designed to fit sturdily into place and match the rest of your vehicle thanks to a variety of shapes, colors, and material options.

Thanks to a variety of different Advent car video products, it’s also easy to match this upgrade to your budget. Their advanced auto electronics come in both seven-inch and eight-inch options.

Seven Inch Custom Video Headrest Systems

Both of these options will add plenty of entertainment value to your vehicle. Both offer USB inputs with charging capability, wireless headphones, and a game port. Best of all, they are designed to match your vehicles interior like they came from the factory.

  • Seven Inch SS7012 Custom Video Headrest System – Dual Headrests with DVD, HDMI, MHL, and USB Connectivity – Capable of smart stream, choose the optional WM1 module for wireless streaming.
  • Seven Inch DD7012 Custom Video Headrest System – Dual Headrests for DVDs – This is the least expensive option for people who are on a budget. If you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, it might be just the right one for you.

Eight Inch Custom Video Headrest Systems

You might be surprised how much further the extra inch will take you on these screens.

  • Eight Inch 8SS01 Custom Video Headrest System – Dual Headrests With DVD, HDMI, MHL, and USB Connectivity – This has all the great features like wireless streaming from the seven inch SS7012 model, but bigger.
  • Eight Inch 8ZZ01 Custom Video Headrest System – Dual Touch-Screen Headrests with DVD, HDMI, and USB Connectivity – This is the cream of the crop thanks to features like built-in Wi-Fi and an SD card input.

Where to Get Customized Video Headrest Systems

Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound is your local source for Advent car video headrest solutions. We’re an authorized vendor for these products, so our customers get benefits like warranties and guarantees for every product we sell. Best of all, you’ll also get our lowest total installed price guarantee. In other words, when you shop at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound, you’ll always get the best deals in town. Find a location near you and come see us today to get customized video headrests for your vehicle.

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