Some people consider the vehicle’s receiver stereo to be the center of a car’s audio setup. This is where the music originates in your car’s audio system, and it works as a hub that gives you control over all of your listening options. Some state of the art receivers will offer additional features, too. There are lots of options to choose from when you’re interested in upgrading your car’s receiver, and you can normally make a huge impact on your entire audio experience. This is an especially important step if you have an older car, or if your receiver doesn’t give you access to some of your preferred listening options or newer technology and features. To get the best upgrade possible, learn more about your options for auto receivers.

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What Is a Car Stereo Receiver?

Your car’s receiver is also known as the stereo or head unit. In older vehicles, this unit would have been limited to AM/FM radio receiving ability, or maybe a cassette deck or CD player. In newer vehicles, however, you can get just about any feature you’d want.

Some modern receivers include big, beautiful touchscreens. Some people are even moving toward mechless head units– in other words, they’re selecting digital media receivers that don’t have any moving parts or slots to insert a disc. Others prefer to stick with head units that still allow them to use media like CDs and DVDs in addition to newer features.

The first step is to determine what kind of head unit will fit into your car (unless you’re willing to commit to remodeling your entire dash setup). Luckily, most vehicle dashes still fall into two categories, a “single din” or “double din” application. Once you decide on a size, it’s time to start thinking about which features you want for your car audio system.


What Other Things Should You Consider in a Receiver?

The first features to consider for your next receiver are the ones that enable you to listen to what you want. For example, can you connect your smartphone, and if so, how? Some features allow you to connect a phone through a cable, while others allow for wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It can be convenient to go wireless, but other people prefer to stick with a cable that can charge their phone while they drive, and typically provide better sound quality versus wireless. Auxiliary cords, USB inputs, CD slots, and more are available. Think about where and how your media is stored to find a receiver that will let you access it.

Some new receivers also allow you to access some of the favorite apps on your phone, or they may even allow you to control apps directly through the receiver. This is great for people who like to get their music from internet radio like Pandora or Spotify, and also helps make the drive safer as you are not fumbling with your smartphone directly. If you prefer traditional AM/FM radio, HD radio, or even satellite radio, find a receiver that can pick those signals up with good clarity.

Once you’ve accounted for your listening preferences, you can hone in on your perfect receiver by thinking about other features. If you’re always on your smartphone, you may want app control through the car. Some receivers will even read your texts and let you dictate a response without having to handle your phone. If you want GPS navigation services, backup camera viewing, or DVD capabilities, choose a receiver with a screen. Or if you enjoy a true audiophile experience, and who doesn’t love great sound, don’t forget about feature like Hi-Res or FLAC file support, and better RCA voltage signal and wattage to make you music sound the best it can.

Once you find a receiver with all the right options, all you have to do is find a reliable vendor with high-quality products, good warranties, and expert installations.


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