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How to Choose the Perfect Car Alarm System

For most people, a vehicle is like a second home. It’s a place we spend a lot of our time on any given day. The addition of a car alarm is a good way to help protect your investment and your belongings.

Today, car alarms are easier than ever to use and provide you with incredible functionality, such as arming or disarming the alarm and locking or unlocking your doors from your smartphone, all while protecting your vehicle from auto theft and vandalism.

Modern Conveniences

Audio Express Car Alarm Systems

Choosing a car alarm is a lot like choosing an alarm for your home, and it is important to know what features you want. Today’s car alarms can give you information about your car’s condition, keep your car from starting through a kill switch, and with the addition of the correct sensors, can notice motion within the vehicle, alert you if the windows are broken and even alert you if your vehicle tilts (in cases of towing or being picked up and moved).

Additionally, car alarms can include GPS location monitoring and can link directly to your smart phone, allowing you to check your vehicle no matter where you are as long as you have a cell phone signal.

Many times, people think their factory remote is an alarm because the horn honks. This is far from the truth, and gives too many consumers a false sense of security. Most factory systems do not offer a shock sensor, meaning people can break the window and steal your belongings and cause significant damage to your vehicle. Content theft is a common occurrence, and simply having an aftermarket alarm, with the flashing LED light as a warning, can really help deter potential thieves. Don’t become their next victim and risk higher insurance rates, protect your car with an alarm. Some insurance companies even offer discounts when you vehicle is protected with an aftermarket system!

Prices to Fit Any Budget

Audio Express Car Alarm Systems

At Audio Express, we offer several car alarm systems at a wide range of prices and features. One of our recommended vehicle security systems is the Code Alarm CA1053. This system comes with four remote controls and a 125-decibel siren that can stand up to the elements. Additionally, this system offers a silent mode that alerts you discreetly, as well as a hijack mode that lets you kill the engine without causing damage to your vehicle.

Another great system is the Viper Alarm 3606V that has a six-tone, 120 dB siren to alert you to trouble. This system senses vibration and unauthorized door openings, and if your system is armed your car won’t be able to start without the key fob disarming it.

Another great feature that can be added to a car alarm system is remote start. Gone are the days of getting into an ice cold or boiling hot vehicle. With a remote start system all you have to do is push a button and your car will start up (even if you are thousands of miles away with the smartphone upgrade module). We have you covered with great car alarms with integrated remote start systems from both Viper and Code Alarm.

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For more information, or any questions, visit one of our many Audio Express locations and speak with one of our trained auto technicians today! Can’t make it into our store, no worries! Any questions you have can be answered through our feature, and don’t forget to check out our current specials! And remember, we offer the lowest install prices available!

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