How to Choose a Marine Amplifier for Boating Season

Find the best marine amplifier for your needs, to ensure great sound quality on the water this boating season. Audio quality can get lost in a hurry as sound waves travel over water, especially when your boat is travelling at high speed. To prevent this from putting a damper on your musical experience, add an amplifier to deliver a stronger signal and cleaner power to the speakers.

Make sure your amp is marine-rated to guarantee the best experience. This addition will allow you to achieve a higher volume, enhances the clarity of your music, and adds to the longevity of your equipment. If you already have an amplifier and some details of your sound are still being lost in the wind, it sounds like it’s time for an upgrade.

Why Upgrade Your Amplifier

If you’re using the amplifier that came with your boat, you could be missing out on the superior quality an external amp provides. Some manufacturers don’t pay much attention to the audio equipment. After all, they specialize in engineering great vessels and not in creating a phenomenal musical experience.

These amplifiers are often added as an afterthought, and the manufacturer might worry more about how an amp fits into the boat’s design than how it performs acoustically. Aftermarket amps are bigger and better. They can give new life to the standard speakers on your boat, and become even more necessary when you add better speakers or even subwoofers. Consider all your current and planned audio components (including the receiver) to make sure you’re getting the right amp for the job.

Bluetooth Marine Amplifier

If you don’t want to deal with a head unit at all, opt for a Bluetooth marine amplifier. Connect your smartphone to the amp wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about cords and cables on the water. When you eliminate the need to plug in, it allows you to keep your phone dry and protected. You’ll enjoy your electronics and your boat a lot more when you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Best Boat Amplifier Install

Visit your local Audio Express location to learn more about how to choose the best marine amplifier. Our staff members are experts on the subject and can help you perfect your setup to get the most out of this boating season. We even carry a full line of marine amplifiers and offer the lowest installed price guaranteed. Check out our specials today to see our newest deals.

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