How to Choose a Dash Camera for Driver Safety

A dash camera is exactly what it sounds like: a video camera mounted in a vehicle near your dashboard area, designed to record things going on inside or outside of the car. Drivers use these cameras to record footage of their drives. You may choose to record footage of the front exterior, rear exterior, or interior of your vehicle. Acquiring footage of your drives boosts safety in some ways.

Increase Driver Safety with Dash Camera

Many drivers use dash cams to protect themselves legally. In the unfortunate event of an accident or collision, a dash cam provides clear evidence of what happened. This can be especially useful for anyone who drives professionally.

Another of the best uses for dash cams is to monitor your vehicle when someone else drives it. Parents love to use dash cams for teen drivers to make sure their children develop safe habits. You can use the footage to monitor behavior and provide coaching.DVR’s with interior cameras are also perfect for business owners and fleet vehicles, to give you insight in case of an accident with your commercial vehicle.

Some cameras include additional safety features to detect and address the danger. Potential features include lane departure warnings and collision warnings. You can even find dash cams with the ability to work as a security camera while the vehicle is parked.

Best Dash Camera Systems Near Me

Recent improvements in video technology produced dozens of helpful dash cam options. The best dash cam is the one that best fits your specific needs. If you just want to record footage of a long drive, or off road adventure, you probably want high video quality. If you want to protect your insurance on a larger vehicle, choose a camera with a wide field of vision.

If you want to keep your vehicle safe, consider something like the Kenwood DRV-N520 dash camera. It automatically detects unusual events from your drive and stores them separately for easy viewing. It even alerts the driver of potential forward collisions.

Best Dash Camera Installs Near Me

Trust your safety to a vendor with fair deals and years of experience. A dash cam is only as reliable as its installation, and Audio Express delivers more dependable installations than anyone does. Our guaranteed lowest total installed price has given us abundant experience with aftermarket auto upgrades.

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