Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

Why Components Are Better – A Guide to Component Upgrades

Even most premium vehicles don’t come with a fine-tuned sound system. Neglecting the audio components is an easy way for manufacturers to increase their profit because most people don’t think about audio when purchasing a new vehicle. You’ll find that upgrading your car audio components is one of the best ways to increase your satisfaction with a new ride.

Any time you buy a new car, you can sit in your driveway to listen to a few songs and see what specifically will be a priority for upgrading. Once you get a feel for the current system, it’s time to consider budget and set a plan of attack. Then find a local source for professional installation and get down to business.

Replacing the Head Unit

Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

This is the brains of the operation and a logical place to start. A better receiver sends a stronger signal to the speakers, which makes them sound better. In addition, different head units offer different capabilities when it comes to accepting inputs for data. Do you want to listen to your iPod in the car? How about CDs, HD Radio or XM? It’s important to consider things like USB ports and Bluetooth capability at this stage.

Replacing Speakers

Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

It doesn’t matter how good your receiver is if the speakers are low-quality. Factory speakers are often made out of treated paper and glue. This makes them easy to blow out and reduces clarity. Upgrading car speakers to materials of a higher quality gives you better durability and sound.

Pump up the Bass

Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

Bass is becoming more prevalent in some genres of music. Even if you aren’t a fan of bass-heavy tunes, increasing bass quality can make the beat of your music healthier. Adding a subwoofer will add a richer texture to your sound.

Crank the Power

Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

An amplifier is key when it comes to volume, especially if you still have the factory head unit. Amplifiers send a stronger, clearer signal to the speakers and other components so you can increase volume without distorting the sound. After picking out a subwoofer, you should consider compatibility to pick the best car amplifier.

Executing the Plan

Car audio speaker components at Audio Express

Once you know what kind of components you want to work with, it’s important to find an authorized dealer to purchase them. At Audio Express, we are authorized dealers for every brand we carry. Better yet, we have a full staff of professionals who are trained in the art of how to install component speakers.

Find an Audio Express near you to shop authorized parts and get your components professionally installed.

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