Drivers Safety and Collision Avoidance

New, high-end cars almost all come with driver safety and collision avoidance technology. There’s a simple reason for that– those features have all been demonstrated to help prevent accidents and keep people safe. If your vehicle doesn’t already have great safety technology, you may be surprised by how easy it is to add it. We at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound offer state of the art driver safety equipment to keep our customers safe on the road and protect their cars.

Backup Cameras

For most drivers, backing up is the most dangerous thing they do in their vehicles. Visibility isn’t very good behind the car, especially for anything that might be beneath the viewing angle of your mirrors. You always want to be aware of what is behind your vehicle, especially if you have small children in your family or neighborhood. A lot of accidents happen while in reverse, some unfortunately truly tragic, and a backup camera can help prevent those incidents. Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound has a large selection of backup cameras, and we can install them on any vehicle even if you don’t have an existing video output in your dash.

Blind Spot Cameras

The rear of the vehicle isn’t the only blind spot that makes accidents more likely. Blindspot cameras and sensors can help you be aware of people and objects even when you can’t see them directly. This is especially useful when changing lanes or driving in high-traffic areas like cities. After an accident, people often say something like, “that car came out of nowhere.” With blind spot technology, there won’t be any objects in blind spots that can catch you by surprise like that.

Dashboard Cameras

The dash camera might not actually prevent an accident, but it can protect you and your car in other ways. A large number of accidents get reported when there is no witness to corroborate what happened, which can make insurance claims a real pain. Dash cameras provide valuable evidence in an insurance case or legal setting, while also helping you avoid fraudulent claims and false tickets. Dashboard cameras are an especially popular choice for people who want to keep an eye on things when someone else drives their car. This is also a great option for fleet or business vehicles, or teen drivers, as there are Dash camera models that include an interior facing camera, enabling you to see what your employees or kids are doing while driving or what might have distracted them in the case of an accident.

Backup Sensors

Backup sensors might not provide a video feed, but they can still go a long way toward helping drivers prevent accidents and stay safe on the road. These sensors are perfect for cars that don’t have a good way to get a video feed in the dash. The backup sensor system will beep as your car reverses toward a person or object, which can help you stop before you get into an accident, and many offer an LED display with approximate distance or colors to represent how close you are.

Best Safety Upgrades for Cars

We at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound value your safety even more than your sound quality, so we provide a full range of collision avoidance products. Shop our selection of cameras, blind spot detectors, and more to enhance your visibility and alertness on the road. Your safety and security shouldn’t come at a high price, so we offer the guaranteed lowest total installed price on every piece of equipment we sell.

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