Drivers Safety

You don’t have to have an expensive new vehicle to get all the best driver safety technology. Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound can outfit your vehicle with all the best safety features to help keep you and your passengers protected on the road. A lot of accidents are caused by poor visibility while backing up, so consider a backup cam to help you see where you’re going at all times, even when the vehicle is in reverse.

Blind spot detectors will make lane changes safer and easier than ever, and parking assistance sensors can help prevent dents and dings. These tools are especially helpful for anyone who drives in busy areas or does a lot of parallel parking. Last but not least, a dash camera can help sort things out in the unfortunate event that a crash does occur. Dash cams are extra popular among people who drive professionally or occasionally let someone else use their car.


  • Back Up Camera
  • Blind Spot Detectors
  • Parking Assistance
  • Dash Cams
Driverside Mirror
Dash Cam
Mirror and Camera
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