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Eight Simple Ways to Enhance Your Car’s Music Experience

There is never a need to put up with terrible sound quality as you cruise down the road. A handful of minor tweaks can give your tweeters something to sing about. If you are dealing with treble trouble or bad bass, then the following are eight simple ways to pump up the jams that you will want to take note of:

1. Upgrade Your Speakers

Stock factory paper speakers and low-quality installations will leave your listening experience flat on the dash. If you want good sound, spring for a decent set of speakers, you’ll be glad you did!

2. Insulate Your Doors

Insulating your doors with sound-deadening material by HushMat will reduce vibration and distortion, boost the quality of your car audio installation, and improve your overall sound quality. This is often overlooked, and can make a big difference in the listening experience.

3. Amp It Up

Audio Express Amplifier Upgrade

More power equals more sound. If you like to crank it up, then you have to give your speakers the juice they need to deliver the clean sound you desire. A well-built amp is just what the audio engineer ordered for top-quality sound. Did you know most speakers blow out due to too little power? This causes the speaker to work harder than designed, heat up faster, and significantly shortens speaker life. Give ‘em the power they need, and they’ll give you years of great sound!

4. Equalize the System

Every car is different, and sound will react differently depending on the layout and materials within the interior. An equalizer makes it possible to adjust the sound coming from each speaker for maximum performance.

5. Seal in the Subwoofer

Air leaking from around the subwoofer can dilute the sound, resulting in less volume. A well-sealed subwoofer helps contain the sound and direct it best acoustically into the listening environment.

6. Upgrade the Receiver

Audio Express Car Stereo Receiver

A solid receiver is essential for receiving clear radio signals, smooth CD spins and clear MP3 playback. You will want to select a receiver that has the USB ports and the extras you need to connect your devices to your car audio system. Today’s most popular features like Bluetooth and CarPlay are available in many models in all different price ranges.

7. Splurge on Wire

One of the most important elements of audio installation is often ignored. High-quality speaker wire is essential for high-quality sound. You will want to choose wire gauges that are matched to your speakers and their position within the vehicle.

8. Put in a Capacitor

Not a flux capacitor unless you plan to go back in time. A simple capacitor will be more than enough to keep the power flowing from the battery to the amp and through your speakers, and keep lights from dimming as well as reducing strain on your vehicles charging system.      

Audio Express

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Are you wondering “Where can I get car audio near me? The answer is Audio Express because we have plenty of stores located throughout the region. We will be happy to listen to your needs and recommend the solutions that will deliver the listening experience you desire. We can help you enjoy concert-quality sound if you love to cruise to Chopin, jam with some jazz or put the pedal to the Metallica. 

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