Factory System Integration

If you love the look and feel of your car’s original factory stereo, but are less impressed by the actual sound quality, OEM stereo integration may be right for you. This allows you to improve the sound system without changing the look of your stereo receiver. In some cases, customers may even have the option to replace the factory stereo with an aftermarket head unit designed to look just like their original factory radio. This preserves your vehicle’s style without changing the look.

The other option is to add functions and quality to your existing component with adapters or other parts behind the scenes. For example, you can add subwoofers, amplifiers, and even new speakers into existing spaces in the vehicle so they’ll be out of sight. You may even be able to add an autostart feature to your existing key fob.  Ask one of our technicians how they can enhance your specific vehicle without affecting the style.

What to Know About Factory System Integration

The best thing about our factory system integrations is that each project is customized to work perfectly with your existing vehicle and car audio system. You can identify which components of your existing setup you already love and which ones you’d like to change, then let our experts take care of the rest. They’ll help you peruse all of our car audio options at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound to find the perfect upgrades.

OEM Integration Solutions for Car Audio

Once you and your local audio technician have determined how you’d like to upgrade your sound, you can choose the right components to fit with the factory equipment you plan to keep. Common upgrades include all of the following:

  • Complete Audio Systems
  • Car Speaker Upgrades
  • Amplifiers and OEM Signal Processors
  • Subwoofers for Strong Bass
  • OEM Video Upgrades
  • Stealthboxes and Component Storage Solutions
  • Digital Sound Processors (DSP)

Adding Smartphone Connectivity to Factory Stereos

You can replace your factory stereo with a newer unit to get more connectivity options, but it’s not required. We offer kits and upgrades that can help you play your smartphone through just about any head unit. Shop our complete list of offerings to find one that’s right for your car audio system!

How to Get Better Sound From Your Factory Head Unit

If you already love the way your factory head unit works, you can keep that receiver then build around it. When you start adding components like powerful speakers and enhance the bass with subwoofers, you may notice that the signal from your factory head unit just isn’t strong enough anymore. Thankfully, there’s almost always a fast and easy solution. Our knowledgeable team members can help you find the perfect amplifier, DSP processor, or a combination of both to fit in with your existing setup and get the most from your sound system.

We’ve Got Those “Deals on Car Audio” Ready for You!

In addition to our everyday low prices on OEM integration solutions, we also offer a rotating selection of weekly deals. Check our specials online to see which options are best for you and your vehicle. We always offer the lowest total combined price for products and installation, so you’re guaranteed to find the best deals when you shop with us. Best of all, we’re an authorized vendor for every product we sell, so you’ll get the full benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Wondering Where The “Best Installs” Are At?

Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound is the home of the lowest total installed price guaranteed. Our experienced technicians are qualified to install premium car audio upgrades in just about any type of vehicle, so we can certainly service yours! Find a location near you, then come see us today for fast professional installation services.

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