Audio Express 5 Ways to Test Your stereo

Five of the Best Ways to Test Your Car Audio System

A good sound system can put a spring in your step; a great system will have the driver in a car several blocks away joining the chorus. If you are tired of tolerating mediocre melodies in your car, you have to test your system for the weak links that need to be addressed.

1. Check and Compare Wattage

Audio Express Amplifier Wattage

One of the most common reasons for poor sound quality is a discrepancy between the amplifier output and the maximum power of the speaker and subwoofers. This can create a distorted sound and can cause the speaker to blow out. For the best audio clarity and sound, make sure the max power of the speaker is matched to the power output of the amplifier.

2. Adjust the Equalizer

Audio Express Equalizer

Start with the treble as it conveys the finer details of the music. Once the treble is tuned in just right, adjust the bass levels to give the thumps and bangs the oomph that gets the blood pumping. As you balance your equalizer, it is also a good idea to take note of the best settings for the various types of music you enjoy. This will make it easy to set everything before you take your next trip down the road.

3. Choose Your Test Tunes Carefully

Audio Express Ways to Test Audio System

It is always a good idea to pick out a handful of test songs that represent the artists and songs you listen to most frequently. Using them as your test tracks will help you dial in the sound for the types of music you enjoy the most. Also, much of today’s digitally downloaded music varies in sound quality and volume, so tune your stereo with the best audio recording available, or use a Store bought CD if you have one available for best tuning.

4. Listen for the Dynamics

Audio Express Testing Volume

You should always test your speakers at the highest and lowest volumes. Different systems will create a different sound at these extreme ranges and it is important to know how your system performs when the beat is blasting on a jam or when the chorus cools off and softens up for a love song.

5. Create a Quiet Space

Audio Express Test Your Audio System

You should never test your audio out on the street or within a noisy garage. Create a quiet place where you can roll up the windows and test your system in peace and quiet. This will help ensure that outside noises don’t distract from the true sound quality coming from your speakers as you calibrate the receiver and the other components in your car audio system.

Audio Express

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Audio Express car audio stores are just a stone’s throw away. Our audio technicians would be delighted to help you test and select the best components for your sound system and music preference. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you our recommendations for creating the best listening experience as you travel down the road.

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