What is a full range speaker?

What is a full range speaker?

In general, the term full range speaker refers to a single unit that is designed to produce a range of sounds from very high to quite low. In car speakers this is most often accomplished by using two separate speakers, a large woofer for low tones and a small tweeter for high tones, mounted in the same frame.

The most common design is what is known as coaxial speakers. That means the small tweeter is mounted in front of the larger woofer, with magnets centered on the same axis, which gives the name coaxial. Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound is a great place to see various sizes designed to fit your vehicle. We stock top name brand products in a wide variety of price ranges.

Full range speakers are widely used by automobile manufacturers because they are relatively inexpensive to produce and provide the most music using the least space. It is very likely the speakers that came from the factory in your vehicle are coaxial unless you paid for a high-end factory sound system.

Designs using two speakers are the most common, but there are models that feature three or four separate speakers in a single housing. These provide more accurate sound since each speaker is selecting only the range it reproduces best.

Since available sizes and shapes range from 5.25 inch round units to 6×9 inch or larger models to match certain factory openings, it is a simple matter to find high-quality replacements for failing factory car speakers. Each speaker in the pair will include a tweeter that is less than an inch in diameter. The sound quality and durability of the speakers is determined by the materials manufacturers use in the cones and magnets.

The professional staff at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound will be happy to demonstrate the improvement that is possible by installing full range speakers.


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