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Stock radio systems are just that – stock, standard, OEM – and have been designed for easy mass-production as well as maintaining a low install cost, factoring into overall profit on the part of the original automotive manufacturer. Standard car audio receivers are limiting in various ways, starting with their rear hookups that are often soldered, preventing easy aftermarket stereo upgrades, and requiring special harnesses to convert for use. Because many of these connections are somewhat forced into existing hardware, there is a lack of any control when it comes to tuning your aftermarket components from the factory car stereo “deck.” Beyond the hardware incompatibilities with stock radios, aftermarket car stereos also outperform when it comes to onboard apps, look and feel, as well as auxiliary features such as Bluetooth or XM/Sirius Satellite Radio.

At Car audio installation shops near you, like Audio Express, we can outfit your vehicle with the very best car stereo receivers on the market. Some of the best options we currently have available for purchase and install are as follows:
1. Pioneer AVH-2330NEX – Multimedia DVD Receiver

  • 7” Pioneer DVD receiver gives access to Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

2. Kenwood DPX-593BT – Double Din Bluetooth Receiver

  • Affordable access to a sleek double din upgrade with Bluetooth connectivity from Kenwood, while still maintaining a similar to OEM cosmetic.

3. Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS – Single Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

  • Top-rated single din Pioneer, this will upgrade your ride with Bluetooth for endless playlists, as well as variable color and higher wattage.

4. Alpine INE-W960HDMI In-Dash Navigation

  • In-Dash Navigation, as well as an HDMI interface, are only two advanced features on this striking Alpine deck.

You’ll see a few different sizes, prices and configurations in our list of the hottest car stereos available right now. It’s important that you select a car stereo receiver that fits in your vehicle’s dash properly. The smaller stereos, such as the Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS, are considered “single din,” and while becoming less common, still represent a huge percentage of stock radio setups, and our selection at Audio Express is nothing but robust. The larger configurations, as seen with the remaining three receivers on our list, are referred to as “Double Din”; quite appropriately as the form factor is just about double that of the single din. These receivers have more features, are sometimes touch screen, and can display more useful information with the larger footprint, such as in-dash navigation and entertainment. Some vehicles with a standard single din can be outfitted with a double din deck, but be sure to ask our friendly staff to help you choose the best car stereo for you. For car audio and radio installation near you, Audio Express has the best prices, and we always put our absolute best work into every install!


Image Credit: F8 Studio/Shutterstock

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