Guide to Building Your Connected Car

The world we live in is becoming more connected every day. From refrigerators that send a text when you’re out of milk and eggs to apps that let you turn on the heat in your home when you’re leaving the office, the internet of “things” is here to stay.

Technology has changed the way we live in remarkable ways in just the past two decades, and the process is accelerating every year. The automotive industry has taken notice, and the latest generation of vehicles are more connected than ever. From services like OnStar that allow us to summon help when we’re in trouble to in-cab internet hotspots keeping us connected when driving, connected cars are here, and the future holds some incredible advances!

The Internet of Things and Connected Cars

Today’s terminology for our interconnected world is “the internet of things, or IoT.” This is an umbrella term for connecting any device, like a lamp, your refrigerator, or your thermostat, to the Internet. Over the last decade, more and more household appliances and products have joined this growing trend.

Automakers have jumped on board, and connected cars are becoming more prominent as car makers adopt this growing technology. A connected car is one that is equipped with Internet access and also offer a wireless local area network. Connected cars are also starting to connected to tings within your house like your Nest and other products.

The technology is emerging rapidly, and the possible benefits of the connected car are only just beginning. With the rise of electric vehicles, and self-driving cars right around the corner, the future of mobility has arrived.

What is a Connected Car

The technology is rapidly evolving and merging with other IoT technologies like those found in smart homes. As the technology continues to develop, there will be many more benefits.

Connected cars will deliver a personalized experience for both the driver and passengers. As the connected car evolves, this will become the focus. Car makers will begin to develop apps and services that offer personalized driving options or build technology into vehicles that are compatible with those being created by developers. Imagine a car that can move through a smart city seamlessly, or move out of the way for emergency vehicles, self-report an accident, or take you directly to an open parking space. That is the future of the connected car. Ultimately, this will lead to driverless technology and a safer transportation experience.

One of the leading connected car features are in-dash touch screen receiver that have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  That means your main smartphone features are displayed on the dash in a way that lets you concentrate on the road instead of your phone. Use Siri to tell your in-house lights to come on. With Google assistant on your dash through Android Auto you can tell the heat inside your house to come on before you get home. The more opinions and features are coming out every day.

The future is here! If you’d like to learn more about aftermarket products you can install to move your vehicle into the future, and integrate your smart devices into your vehicle, give the experts at Audio Express a call! They can help you get started building your connected car today!

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