The Guide to Important Driver Safety Products for 2020

The automotive industry seems to improve by leaps and bounds every single year. Cars are simultaneously getting more powerful and more efficient, and they come loaded with lots of state of the art technology. Much of the innovation seems to be centered around driver safety, as companies are finding new, high-tech ways to keep us protected on the road. There are newer, better, more advanced driver safety products coming out every year, and there are many ways to make your vehicle safer with aftermarket parts.

Here are several of the best driver safety products on the market in 2020.

Echomaster PBS MWSK Blind Spot Detection System

Side blind spots are a common cause of accidents. Many people collide with a vehicle in the next lane while they’re completing a lane change, and poor visibility is one of the leading causes that lead to these types of incidents. The Universal Microwave Sensor Side Blind Spot Detection System by Echomaster can help you reduce your risks by identifying objects in your blind spots.

Your turn signal triggers this technology, so it won’t send irrelevant alerts every time a vehicle passes through your blind spot. As a bonus, it helps give people a new reason to use their turn signals before making a lane change. Once you turn your blinker on, advanced microwave radar technology will engage to see if there are any items in your blind spot. If the system finds anything that seems like it could cause an accident, you’ll get both an audio and a visual signal to let you know there’s something in your blind spot. The visual component is located within the vehicle and can be placed directly in your line of sight to the side view mirror, where it’s easy to see while changing lanes.

Viper VSM550 SmartStart Pro

Viper is known for being one of the best car security brands in the world, and the Viper VSM550 SmartStart Pro can also help promote safety on the road. This device is especially useful if you share your vehicle with another driver. Use it to track your teenage driver, get an alert if the speed goes over a specific mileage per hour, or set up a geo-fence so you’ll know right away if the car gets out of the approved areas. You can even get alerts about the vehicle’s battery, so you’ll know right away if the battery gets low enough that it could potentially leave the car and its driver stranded.

In addition to the on-demand location services, this product can integrate with both Google Maps and Apple Maps. That way, you can get directions to the vehicle at any time. Beyond these safety features, the Viper SmartStart Pro adds a lot of convenience to any vehicle. Use it with other Viper systems to lock, unlock, remote start, or check the status of your car. Since it integrates so well with other Viper systems, you can set it to give you an alert if your Viper car security alarm ever starts to go off.

Escort iXc

The Escort iXc helps provide drivers with a different kind of protection on the road. This radar and laser detector is some of the best technology of this kind that we’ve ever seen. Drivers report that it helps them avoid tickets because it’s sensitive enough to pick up radar and laser signals, but smart enough not to give false alerts because of signals from other cars. Beyond the excellent product that Escort has turned out, they also offer excellent service because of how confident they are in this radar detector.

The Escort Limited Ticket Guarantee is the brand’s way of saying they’re confident that their product can help alert you before your car is targeted with a laser or radar detector. They have so much faith in their technology that they’ll pay a radar or laser speeding ticket that a driver gets while using the Escort iXc. The safest way to drive is always by following the speed limit, but it’s also helpful to know when your vehicle is being watched or monitored with radar detection.

Escort Max 360C Radar Detector With Windshield Mount

The Escort Max 360c is another terrific option. Like the Escort iXc, this one comes with a Limited Ticket Guarantee. It also comes with 360° directional protection and technology to help eliminate false alerts. It’s also designed for people who are extremely connected with technology. This radar and laser detector comes with built-in WiFi to work beautifully with the car’s existing WiFi connection. This smart radar detector can learn over time as it starts to understand your daily route.

If you do decide to add a radar detector to your vehicle, make sure it’s mounted in the correct place so it can function as well as possible. Products like the Escort Max 360 are available with sticky cup windshield mounts that put your device exactly where it needs to be while also maintaining a low profile. That way, you can still see the road without a lot of equipment or wires in your way. Staying safe from tickets is nice, but staying safe from accidents is even more critical.

Escort MACCI360 Top of the Line Installed Radar Detector

If you’re especially interested in low profile design and discreet looks, you may be most interested in the Escort Max Ci 360. It’s designed to be integrated into your vehicle so that it’s not noticeable at all. The installation process makes this the most discreet radar and laser detector on the market. No one will even be able to tell you have a radar and laser detector by looking at your vehicle. This system offers sensors in both the front and back for complete protection, and four laser shifters will help detect all kinds of speed monitoring devices.

Echomaster MM4320DVR Rear View Mirror With Built-in DVR and Screen

The Echomaster MM4320DVR Rear View Mirror is among the best of its kind. It’s a universal mirror that fits in beautifully with the rest of your vehicle after it’s installed, and it also offers unparalleled performance. The screen in this mirror allows you to see feedback from things like your front or rear camera. Since it also comes with DVR recording technology, you have another layer of protection in the form of video evidence in case you ever find yourself involved in an unfortunate accident.

The forward-facing camera is set to record at all times when the vehicle is in motion unless you manually stop it. That means you’ll never have to think twice about turning this device on, and you can always rest assured that you’ll have recorded video footage of whatever happens on the road. From reckless drivers to insurance scammers, you’ll be protected against a lot of undesirable consequences when you can prove your side of the events with actual evidence.

Accele BU500L Four-Sensor Back-up System

The Accele BU500L offers drivers a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to add back-up technology to their vehicles. This system especially makes things easier for older vehicles that may not have infotainment screens available. In other words, you don’t have to have a place in your dash to view footage for this system to help keep you safe on the road. Instead of using a camera, these back-up sensors will simply detect for objects behind the vehicle and give the driver an audio signal if anything is detected, as well as a visual display indicating distance to the object. This system also comes with longer cables, which makes it ideal for large vehicles or any situation where the wiring needs may be a little bit more complicated, as these types of cables cannot be extended without damaging them.

Echomaster PCAM-DPLLP Dynamic Parking Line Back-up Camera

The Echomaster PCAM-DPLLP uses smart design to make installation more discreet. The unit looks just like any other license plate holder, except that it also includes a camera to help drivers see what’s behind them while backing up. Since it mounts behind the license plate, it can be installed without the need to drill a lot of extra holes in the vehicle. It’s universal, which means it can work for just about any vehicle on the market.

The camera is adjustable, which allows the driver to choose from multiple different viewing angles. This unit is also durable and water-resistant, so drivers can rest assured that their safety is in good hands even if the weather gets bad. Reversing is a lot easier when you can see what’s behind your vehicle, and this device takes that to the next level. The camera’s playback includes guidelines to show the anticipated path of the car. You’ll be able to see exactly where you’re about to go.

Kenwood DRV-A301W Entry Level Dash Cam

This option comes to us from one of the most reliable brands in the aftermarket car parts industry. The Kenwood DRV-0A301W dash camera may be at an entry-level price, but the capabilities are much better than most drivers might expect. This camera is designed for 2.0-megapixel full hi-vision recording, and the data can be easily transferred to a smartphone through Wireless Link. Thanks to the quality of video and this device’s ability to record, drivers will be able to get clear images of license plates, which is extremely valuable in situations like hit and runs.

The Wireless Link app allows drivers to easily export video in case they ever need it after an accident or another incident. Additionally, it’s simple to share videos directly to social media if you want to show all of your friends something from your drive. Even if your camera detects an incident while the vehicle is parked and off, it will start recording for 30 seconds so you can get a look at what happened. Beyond recording collision data, a built-in GPS will record speed and location using GPS satellite technology.

Kenwood DRV-A501WDP Middle of the Line Dash Cam

If you want to step your camera performance up a notch, the DRV-A501WDP from Kenwood provides an excellent middle of the line option. It’s a dual-camera system with a dashboard camera as well as a second camera to capture video footage from the rear of the vehicle. Wide-Quad HD recording and HDR means you’ll get clear videos during both day and night. Record the road ahead and the drive behind your vehicle at the same time to get a complete look at the surroundings

You can access the video feeds on your smartphone via the Kenwood Wireless Link app, or you can see video feedback on the 3-inch LCD screen directly on the dashcam. The built-in G-Sensor is designed to detect events like hard braking or a collision, allowing this camera system to save footage from such activities. Drivers can even take advantage of that kind of technology in Parking Mode if they use Kenwood’s optional hardwire solution. In that mode, the camera will wake up whenever the parked vehicle is disturbed, reducing a driver’s exposure to things like hit and run accidents in parking lots or theft.

Kenwood DRV-A601WDP Top of the Line 4K Dash Cam

This is the most elite camera package Kenwood offers. Like their other offerings, the DRV-A601WDP takes clear video, this time in 4K. The camera comes with a 64GB microSD card to store your video, and you can also access your video feeds through your smartphone. Mount it quickly and easily with adhesive-backed or suction-backed mounts so you can get this device exactly where you want it. Then keep it powered with a vehicle charger.

Kenwood’s Wireless Link app makes it more convenient than ever to use this camera system, mainly thanks to the built-in WiFi available in this product. Look forward or backward while recording video, plus get greater peace of mind with features like the G-Sensor, GPS, and Parking Mode. A built-in capacitor can even save video files when the power is interrupted. Kenwood thought of everything when they were designing this camera system, and it’s a terrific option for anyone who wants the best of the best.

Boss BCAM50 Camera With DVR

If the options listed above don’t call you, Boss also makes a dash camera at an entry-level price. The BCAM50 records in 1080P HD at 30 frames per second, and uses a 140° wide-angle lens to capture a large field of view. This camera also comes loaded with smart features like auto loop recording, motion detection, emergency event recording, and a date and time stamp log. Thanks to those great additions to this product, drivers can rest assured that they’ll have clear, easy to find footage from the times when they need it most.

The mounting system allows you to affix this camera to your windshield at a variety of different angles, making it easier for the driver to see. The three-inch LCD screen makes it easier to see footage on the go, and Boss also includes an eight-GB SD card for recording videos. If you want even more memory, you can upgrade with confidence because this device supports up to a 32GB SD card.

NavTV Interfaces to Add Driver Safety Products to Existing Vehicle Systems

NavTV makes interfaces to add premium aftermarket parts to your existing factory screen. If your vehicle already has an infotainment system with a display that can support video playback, NavTV’s products allow you to integrate additional driver safety features seamlessly. For example, you can add an additional camera and use NavTV components to get that camera feeding directly to the existing screen in your dash, or if you have an existing screen but no back up camera NavTV offers many solutions for this situation. This offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade the driver safety features in a vehicle without creating a mess of wires and devices in the cabin. The brand even has vehicle-specific solutions for all types of makes and models so drivers can get something that was created just for their vehicle.

Aftermarket Driver Safety Products at Audio Express

Here at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound, we work locally and care more about our customers than our competition does. As a result, we take great pride in offering the best driver safety products that will help keep people protected on the road. In addition to the best products from the most trustworthy brands, we also aim to offer the lowest total price. Find your nearest location to shop with confidence, then drive with confidence.

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