Audio Express remote start system installation

Your Guide to Remote Start Systems

Audio Express Remote Starter Guide Installation

As technology improves over the course of time, automotive manufacturers race to stay on the cutting edge. While some advances are focused on performance and aesthetics, other improvements in the automotive world are designed to create a more luxurious experience for drivers. One of the most attainable and luxurious additions to any vehicle is a remote start button.

How Remote Starters Work

Audio Express remote start system installation

A remote start system enables a driver to fire up the vehicle with the push of a button – without even getting inside. A remote, similar to a keyless locking transmitter, is linked to a device that is installed in the vehicle. The device connects to the starting mechanism in the car. When it receives a signal from the remote, it activates the starter, and the engine turns on.

Types of Transmitters

Audio Express remote start system installation

The type of transmitter used to remotely start a vehicle depends on a lot on whether or not the car already has a remote for locking and unlocking the doors. Buttons cannot be added to a remote, but the remote may be modified to start a car or truck by pressing a combination of existing buttons on the transmitter. There is no need to do it this way, but some users prefer not to include an additional transmitter in their pocket, which they have to do if they select a single-button transmitter.

The best option for a lot of drivers is to go with a three-button transmitter. This way, one button can be used for remote starting, and the other two buttons can be programmed to lock and unlock the car doors. Also, remote start transmitters typically have better range than any transmitters that are included with the purchase of a vehicle. This makes life easier when the driver wants to start a vehicle from a considerable distance.

Why Professional Installs are Important

Audio Express remote start system installation

Because the option to remotely start has to integrate with the vehicle’s ignition function, the installation process is extremely important. A botched installation might render a vehicle completely useless and require expensive repairs before the car will work again. Modern cars include security measures that make the starter difficult to tamper with. These same security features can make it hard to install a remote starting technology.

Installing a Remote Start

Audio Express remote start system installation

Almost every vehicle made since 2000 requires a computer chip to start. This must be considered when installing remote starting capability. In the case of cars with keyless ignition, data modules and other complicated mechanical instruments will come into play. Beyond that, some vehicles will shut off the engine if the doors are open to prevent theft. Other security measures might make it impossible to start the car if the car’s bonnet is open or shut the engine off if it is running idle for too long.

All of this makes it extremely difficult for anyone but an expert mechanic to install remote start ability in a car. Fortunately for our customers, Audio Express employs only the highest caliber of mechanics, all of whom are capable of a flawless remote start installation.

Buying a Remote Starter for your Vehicle at Audio Express

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The cost of remote starter options is getting more and more affordable as technology improves. On top of that, Audio Express has great specials on remote start systems

and is the home of the $1 install. If you’re still on the fence, find a store near you and talk to us about our financing options. All of these options combine to make remote start technology more attainable than ever. Get yours today!

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