How much is a remote car starter

How much is a remote car starter?

How much is a remote car starter?

The price of a remote car starter can vary widely, depending on the features a buyer wants. At Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound we believe customers should get real value for their money so we are authorized retailers for brands such as Viper and Code Alarm.

Our least expensive model from those trusted manufacturers is priced at $99.99 for an activation unit and one-way keychain remote control. There is an additional interface module required for virtually every vehicle on the road. The most common of those is an additional $99.99, which includes installation and programming to match your vehicle. That makes a total of about $200 for a remote start installed.

Other stand-alone remote starters have additional features such as longer range, diesel compatibility and two-way communication so you can see what’s happening with your vehicle. Some models will automatically start your vehicle at a certain time, or start the engine when the temperature falls below a pre-set level. There are even remote starter packages for standard transmission vehicles. Of course, systems become more expensive as you add features.

Often remote car starters are part of more complex packages that include keyless entry or even complete vehicle security. You should expect the price of a quality security system with remote starter to start somewhere in the $250 range, plus the cost of the interface module for your vehicle. Two-way control systems are usually higher.

One option that is becoming very popular is a system that can be controlled from your smartphone. The price of these varies depending on what features you want on your phone. At the high end, you can see where your vehicle is at all times, and how fast it’s being driven. You can also build an electronic “fence” so you are paged if the vehicle leaves a designated area.

When you come into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound you can be assured you are getting the lowest installed price in town on your remote car starter.


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