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How To Choose A Backup Camera and Rearview Mirror For Your Vehicle

The auto industry is as technologically advanced as ever and keeps taking strides every day. One of the best advances in recent years is the backup camera. It doesn’t seem as fancy as some other developments, like in-car entertainment, but it helps you get from A to B with no accidents. That’s the whole point of a car in the first place!

An overwhelming percentage of accidents occur when the car is in reverse because the driver just can’t see what’s back there. A rearview camera eliminates this problem by feeding video from the back bumper to the front of the car. Once the driver can see where the vehicle is going, the odds of a collision drop dramatically.

Audio Express offers several products that can keep you, your car and those around you safe.


Kenwood CMOS-320 Rear-View Camera

It might be impossible to find a vehicle reverse camera more advanced than this one. It has a wide field of vision and offers five different views for the driver to choose from. Look through the options with the click of a button, which is installed on the dash. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re in, you won’t be missing anything behind you with the Kenwood CMOS-320.


App-tronics Smartvision Rear View Mirror

App-tronics looked at the vehicle reversing camera and knew they could make it even better. Often a rearview camera feeds video to the dash of the car, but you already need to look at your mirror when you’re backing up. It makes too much sense to put both your sources for visual input in the same place.

The backup camera sends video directly to a 5-inch HD touchscreen that is in the mirror itself. This is a great option for drivers who don’t want to change anything around on their vehicle’s dash. The SmartVision rear view mirror has Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling to increase car safety even more. The features don’t end there – you can also use it to stream music!


Accele RVC1300L Reverse Backup Camera

This is an excellent option for those who want a backup camera on a budget. This camera is small, water resistant and can even be embedded in the bumper to give a discrete look like manufacturers use on built-in backup sensors. You don’t have to break the bank to enhance the safety features of your vehicle.

When it comes to adding safety features to your car, every little bit helps. Just use the best service around at our Audio Express locations. If you have any questions or want to know more about our low-cost installations, send us a message!

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