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  • Posted by Audio Express
  • On December 31, 2016

Chevy Tahoe Kenwood Car Stereo Installation

The owner of this 2007 Chevy Tahoe wanted a new Kenwood car stereo and all the bells and whistles that go with it to create an incredible car audio sound system. . The customer was used to high end hard hitting subwoofers and a strong amp too push them and also wanted a good touch screen and new mid-rand and high-range car speakers. He also wanted a nice 4 channel amp to help keep up with his new bass setup. For the touch screen the customer loved the Kenwood car stereo model DDX393. For the front and back car speakers he went with Kicker component speakers model 41KSS674 both in the front and back. We then cut and flush mounted the tweeters for the back locations. We amped up the speakers with a nice Kicker 4 channel Amplifier 43CXA3004. For the subwoofers and amp he went with Kicker’s high end Q series 41L8122’s with a nice custom box and Kicker’s 40KX24001 to push those just right. We were also able to retain steering wheel functions as well and used a battery made by Shuriken (SKBT35) for the system to draw current off of to help keep wear and tear on the main battery and alternator. The customer was excited when he seen his custom box but when the customer actually listened to his system he said that everyone he knows will be coming down to us because he loved what we did for him. This Chevy Tahoe Kenwood car stereo installation was done by the pros at Audio Express 4501 E. Broadway Tucson, AZ. 85711 520-327-6349. Your car audio installation experts.




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