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  • Posted by Audio Express
  • On May 29, 2017

Corvette GS Grand Sport Stereo System Upgrade

This customer came in for a Corvette GS Grand Sport stereo system upgrade. While the install team was tasked with upgrading the stereo system by installing the Alpine INE-W957HD Navigation head unit, store Manager Chris Duspiwa started talking to the customer about how he liked this beautiful car. As much as the customer loved the feeling of driving the car his only complaint was the terrible road noise and the tremendous heat produced by the exhaust system. Chris informed the customer that not only was there a solution for that, we also stocked and could install it at the same time as the radio. Hushmat Sound Dampening Material was the answer and after taking some careful measurements to make sure enough material was utilized the Hushmat Floor/Dash Kit #10400 was used. Full coverage of the console area, front and rear floors was all that was needed to make a substantial difference. After 2 weeks and a long road trip the customer reported back and was astonished at what a huge difference such a thin material could make. Not only did it eliminate most of the road noise it eliminated all of the heat radiating through the console and floor from the hot exhaust. Another satisfied customer from the Car stereo and Hushmat Specialists at: Audio Express 7039 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074 713-541-1111.


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