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  • Posted by Audio Express
  • On May 30, 2017

Ram Truck Air Horn Install

In this Ram Truck air horn install we used the full 3 horn package. This customer came in to our store after hearing our own employee’s vehicle with some killer loud train horns on his truck. The customer followed our employee from the gas station to our store and wanted to get a look at what was possible in his 2014 Ram Truck. We were able to install the air horns behind the grille on both trucks, giving an up-front, in your face, loud alert, for whatever may be the need at the time. These horns are by far the loudest all in one packages on the market, Available from a simple 2 horn system, to a full 3 horn package with on-board air, for any need you may have on or off the road. The customer also elected to get a remote start system installed as well, and we hooked the new horn to the output of the alarm, so any would-be thieves, are in for an ear piercing surprise when they mess with this truck! This Ram truck Air Horn Install was done by the pros at Audio Express 7200 West Chandler Blvd #10 Chandler, AZ 85226 480-961-0962. Come see us today for all your car audio, alarm, remote start, and train horn needs.


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