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  • Posted by Audio Express
  • On March 6, 2017

VW Retro Car Stereo

Golden Oldies getting RETRO-fitted at Audio Express. The owner of this classic needed a new VW Retro car stereo. He came in with an old VW Bug that he’s been restoring for years and one of the last pieces to the puzzle was his car stereo. He was very concerned in the fact that someone had already cut and modified his dash to fit an aftermarket and wished to return it back to a factory look. He was pleased to find that he had come to the right place as we now offer RetroSound car stereos. Being as that it was modified already we knew we had our work cut out for us and would need to essentially reverse modify the dash. Lead Install Angel showed no hesitation in the task and the results are amazing. A custom mounting plate and utilization of the RetroSound dash kit restored it to its former glory. The Retro car stereo lined up perfectly with black knobs to match the rest of the knobs in the vehicle. We also installed RetroSound’s made-to-fit speaker pods with new car speakers making a HUGE difference over the original equipment. Overall, another satisfied customer and our classic enthusiasts are loving our new line-up of classic car audio with Retrosound. This VW Retro car stereo was installed by the crew at Audio Express 4509 E Cactus Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032 602-996-8383. Your local car audio specialist.



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