What is a keyless entry system for cars?

What is a keyless entry system for cars?

A keyless entry system for cars is a system that allows the driver to lock and unlock a vehicle’s doors by remote control. This feature is available on many newer vehicles but may be offered only as an extra-cost option. At Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound we have a wide variety of possibilities for vehicle owners who want to add this feature.

Using a keyless entry system, a driver is able to unlock the doors of a vehicle while still some distance away. This is especially convenient in bad weather or when the driver is carrying packages. The system can also provide a safety feature at night when interior lighting is activated.

At its most basic, keyless entry consists of a small keychain control device, which triggers a receiver installed in the vehicle. An interface between the receiver and the vehicle triggers the power lock mechanisms on the doors. The same system may be used to pop open a trunk lid or rear hatch if the vehicle has a power-actuated lock. With most devices parking lights can be programmed to flash, or an audible tone can be sounded when the doors are locked or unlocked.

Keyless entry can be installed as a stand-alone system, or it can be part of a much more sophisticated system for security and convenience. The most common combination is with a car security system including an audible alarm, starter interrupt to prevent a thief from starting the vehicle, and a shock sensor to warn intruders away. A remote engine start can also be part of this package. At the high end of these systems, it is possible to control and monitor many security/convenience functions using a smartphone.

This is truly a case where a vehicle owner can enjoy new-car technology without having to take on new-car payments. You can see all the possibilities for a keyless entry system for your car at your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.


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