Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

Going Retro? Mini Guide to Classic Car Audio Upgrades

If you’re driving a classic car, you want to keep the retro look. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with outdated factory audio equipment. For a classic car radio upgrade, you need audio components to give a crisp, clean, booming sound without sacrificing aesthetics. Here are some easy steps for a high-tech car audio upgrade to an older specialty vehicle.

Upgrade from The Manufacturer’s In-Dash Radio

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

The style of a traditional ride may never be duplicated, but technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Get the best of both worlds with RetroSound radio receivers. New receivers get more power to the speakers, making sounds crisper and cleaner from whisper to roar. Upgrading tech also means not being relegated to just FM radio.

Replace The Speakers

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

Common dynamic speaker cones are fashioned out of paper and glue, and this practice is decades old. It’s inexpensive to upgrade car stereo sound into modern times by getting better speakers for as little as $30. Higher-quality materials mean better sound for a longer time. Speakers improve experience without altering the look.

Use an Amplifier to Crank Up The Power

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

Once you modernize your speakers, feed them with an amplifier. Amplifiers raise a speaker’s ability to turn up the volume without distorting the sound. This addition makes speaker quality all the more important, as factory speakers are easy to blow out.

Boost Bass with a Subwoofer

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

Whether or not the music is centered around the bass, a subwoofer will add another layer of texture to bring music to the next level. This is a must-have addition when it comes to feeling the beat, both literally and figuratively. Compatibility between the subwoofer and the amplifier is crucial.

Convert to a Bluetooth Receiver for More Music Options.

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

Bluetooth adds a ton of options when it comes to streaming and playing music in the car, but the perks don’t end there. As hands-free calling becomes more of a necessity, it gets harder to ignore the benefits offered by a Bluetooth receiver. When it comes to Bluetooth capability for a classic car radio upgrade, RetroSound is once again the go-to brand. Their products marry a look from the past with a futuristic performance.

Let The Professionals Handle The Installation

Retro stereo upgrades at Audio Express

The best thing about an audio system upgrade is that it can happen at any pace and can be built up in any number of various ways. A complete upgrade is best handled by the car audio superstore that guarantees the lowest price of any authorized dealer in the USA: Audio Express.

At Audio Express, our certified professionals are prepared to craft a customized plan for any classic car audio upgrade. In business since 1974, we appreciate the value of old-school cool.

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