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What You Need to Know about Remote Start

Practically everyone knows what remote starters are, but not everyone knows how they work or what they should look for when selecting one for their automobile.

At Audio Express, our professional installation team can help answer these five most frequently asked questions about remote starters and help you select the right car remote start installation for your needs and lifestyle.

Automatic Start for a Car Won’t Void the Warranty

Remote Start Wont Void Warranty

Installing a remote start on your vehicle won’t void your vehicle’s warranty… but it may save money on your insurance premium if equipped with an alarm. Check with your insurance company to find out more.

Pros Can Handle the Installation Quickly

Audio Express Professional Installers

Car remote start installation doesn’t take long to complete. In most cases, a few hours is all it takes to install, test, and put the finishing touches on, giving you years of convenience and enjoyment.

Many Systems Can Be Coupled with the Factory Fob


Many consumers worry they will have to give up their key or change their fob when they install a car remote start. This used to be the case “back in the old days,” but times have moved forward and many fobs and keys can be easily coupled with remote starter systems, and in some vehicles you can control an aftermarket auto-start directly from your factory key fob.

Car Remote Starters Work in All Weather Conditions

Audio Express Remote Start All Weather Conditions

Modern car remote start systems are very reliable. No rain, sleet, hail, snow, dust, heat, or swarms of locusts can stop a Viper or Code remote start from doing the job of starting the car.

Quality Counts When it Comes to Remote Car Starters

viper alarm remote start

The higher the quality of the remote starter, the greater the range and the more reliable the device will be. Viper and Code Alarm offer remote start systems in all different price ranges, with a great selection of features. From a range of a couple hundred feet, up to a mile or more, remote start has become an affordable upgrade. There’s even 2-way systems available that will give you an alert confirmation that your vehicle has started. With a wide selection at all different price points, they are well worth the investment.

Tips for  Selecting the Right Car Remote Start

Audio Express Choosing Remote Start System

It is important to select a remote starter with sufficient range for your needs. Typically, 500 feet is more than sufficient; but range can be adversely affected by buildings, trees, and stray radio frequencies, so we would always suggest going with the maximum range available. Also, having a 2-way confirming system helps, by letting you know your system did receive the signal sent from the remote.

It is also a good idea to select a system that has the functions you would benefit from having, i.e. systems that can also control the rear window defrost, heated seats, trunk, hood, etc.

Finally, be sure to have the system installed at by an authorized dealer. This can help ensure a higher quality installation, plus gives you a warranty thru the manufacturer that cover you if something goes wrong. And, you know exactly where to take it if any issues ever arise, and know they are certified to work on your system.

Audio Express

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The team at Audio Express has the technical skills and installation experience you can depend on. With locations throughout the region, we are never more than a short drive away.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the remote starters we offer and the guarantees we offer on our products and installation services.

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