Boss BCAM 50

Product Review: Boss BCAM50

Leading aftermarket car parts companies like Boss are always working hard to create new products that make vehicles safer and more enjoyable to drive. When it comes to driver safety products, the Boss BCAM50 is one of the best, most affordable options.

This dash cam allows drivers to add video recording and DVR technology to their vehicles without spending an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for an entry-level dash cam that still offers clear video and plenty of great features, you might find it when you look at the Boss BCAM50.

Boss BCAM50 Camera With DVR

The Boss BCAM50 Dash Camera has a large field of view thanks to its camera with a 140° wide-angle lens. It records in 1080P HD and captures video at a rate of 30 frames per second to ensure smooth playback and a clear image.

This dashboard camera also makes it easier for drivers to find exactly the video they’re looking for because it shouldn’t be a pain when you need to go back and get the footage from an incident. The log includes the date and time stamps, so everything is clearly labeled and easy to find when you need it most.

Other features from the Boss BCAM50 include auto loop recording, motion detection, and emergency event recording. There’s even an integrated microphone so you can get the sound to go along with the video. If you want to see immediate video playback, you can do so using the three-inch LCD screen. Alternatively, you can store video on the 8GB SD card that comes with this camera, or upgrade to a 32GB SD card if you need more space.

Drivers can place this camera just about anywhere they want it with the help of a functional mounting system. Affix the device to your windshield, then adjust the angle to make sure you’re capturing the correct field of view. It’s easy to move the dash camera even once you’ve installed it, which is ideal for drivers who have multiple vehicles. Thanks to the included power adapter, you’ll be able to take this dash cam with you no matter where you go.

Benefits of Dash Camera With DVR

There are several benefits to adding a dash camera to your vehicle. First and foremost, you can see exactly what happened in the event of an accident or any other incident. This is extremely helpful if you ever have to provide evidence in court or for your insurance company. If you share your vehicle, it’s also nice to know that you will always have eyes on whatever happens.

When you get a dash camera like the Boss BCAM50 that offers motion detection and emergency event recording, you can rest assured your camera won’t miss anything important. If your dashcam detects that something is happening, it will start recording. This gives drivers greater peace of mind when parking their vehicles. Since there are a date and time stamp log, you’ll be able to go back through the footage and find what you need quickly.

Buy Boss BCAM50 at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound

Here at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound, we have the best aftermarket car parts for driver safety and driver convenience. Our massive selection includes the Boss BCAM50 and other similar products that are intended to give drivers peace of mind. Thanks to dashboard cameras like this one, you can easily add recording capabilities to your vehicle without spending too much on the technology. Come visit us today to get this camera installed quickly for the lowest possible price.

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