Product Review: Code CA6555 Two-Way Autostart and Alarm System

The Code Alarm CA6555 long-range car alarm and remote start system is exclusively produced for Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound. We’re proud to be able to offer such a great piece of technology, as it’s one of the best options that’s currently on the market.

The security features will give you greater peace of mind whenever you leave your vehicle parked somewhere thanks to two-way communication. The remote start capabilities provide a nice bonus, especially if you’re sick of getting into a car that’s too hot or too cold.

Long Range Remote Start System

With a range of up to 2,500 feet, the Code CA655 remote start and security system lets you interact with your car from much further than some lesser key fobs.

Start your car running from inside your home, the office, or a store. It will be running at a comfortable temperature by the time you get inside. It also gives you feedback through an LCD screen so you can confirm that the engine is running, or if an unlock command was received.

If you leave your house at the same time every day, you can program the engine to start at a certain time. If you accidentally sleep in, it will shut off again after a pre-determined run time. However, if you park your vehicle in a garage or enclosed space, this option is NOT recommended.

Remote Start and Alarm Systems for Any Car

The Code Alarm CA6555 offers all the value and versatility you could ask for from a top-shelf product. This technology has been fine-tuned to be accessible to as many people as possible and can work with a variety of vehicles.

That includes hybrid vehicles and those with diesel engines, and each vehicle can be paired with up to four remote transmitters– this is a great choice for shared vehicles.

Each transmitter communicates with a glass-mounted antenna to ensure that they’ll be able to function even from far away. You can even program your remote to work for two separate vehicles.

Security and Protection

The comfort you get from remote start technology is awesome, and the peace of mind from a leading car alarm is even better. The starter circuit interruption feature ensures that your engine will not start when the security system is engaged.

Features like a shock sensor help protect your car from content theft, helping keep your valuables inside the car. It will trigger if someone breaks the window, and the door trigger feature will also trigger the alarm if a door is opened.

You can also activate the RPS (real panic sound) horn output in case of an emergency. The horn sounds at 125 decibels to make sure everyone in the area will know there’s a problem.

Flexible Commands

The remote for your Code Alarm CA6555 long-range car alarm and remote start system allows you to send multiple commands to your vehicle:
• Lock or unlock the doors
• Release the trunk
• Start the engine
• Find your vehicle or sound the panic alarm
• Auxiliary output for another command of your choosing

Since the LCD screen on your remote gives a complete report of feedback, you’ll always know that the system has received your commands.

Shop for Car Alarms and Remote Start Systems

Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound is your number one choice for aftermarket car alarms and remote start systems. This is especially true in the case of the Code Alarm CA6555, which has been created exclusively for us.

As authorized vendors, we’re able to provide you with a limited lifetime warranty each time we install one of these systems in your vehicle. Find a location near you, then get a fast, professional installation today.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Transport Stockphoto

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