Product Review: JL Audio C7 Series Audiophile

When you’re ready to improve the sound quality in your vehicle with the best car speakers from a brand that’s renowned for excellence, the JL Audio C7 Series is definitely the way to go. This brand has a reputation for making some of the finest aftermarket car speakers in the world, and their C7 series is the cream of the crop.

Since JL Audio is focused on making products for cars, they account for all the unique listening conditions that you may deal with while you’re listening to music on the go. Their speaker systems for cars are designed to stand up to road-noise, highway speeds, and even drives with the windows down.

This is their most advanced speaker system, so this is the product level we typically recommend for audiophiles and people who truly appreciate accurate, beautiful sound.

JL Audio C7 Series Features and Specs

The C7 Series is something of a pet project for JL Audio’s CEO and Chief Engineer, Lucio Proni. He wanted to create the brand’s best component speakers for cars, and the final result clearly demonstrates the attention to detail that went into these products. You’ll hear your music in a whole new way after you upgrade your car speakers from the lower quality ones that the manufacturer installed.

JL Audio originally made a name for itself by creating some of the best subwoofers for cars, so of course, this speaker system also brings a full sound of low frequencies and rich midrange.

All C7 speakers are sold separate and individually, and features and specs like the following are responsible for the state of the art sound quality you’ll receive from the C7 Series:

• Three-Way Active Component Speaker Set available (Sold individually)
◦ Two 6.5-inch speakers
◦ Two 3.5-inch speakers
◦ Two 1-inch tweeters

• Specially designed lead wires to prevent noise
• Refined woofer dust cap for smooth frequency response
• RMS Power: 125 Watts
• Peak Power: 225 Watts
• Sensitivity: 90 dB
• Frequency Response: 50-30,000 Hz

When to Buy JL Audio C7 Series

People should buy the C7 Series from JL Audio when they want to get the best car speakers they possibly can. There are less expensive options from this brand, but you absolutely get what you pay for when you decide to go with the top tier option.

We’ve never seen a product from JL Audio that we don’t love, and this component speaker system is fantastic even by their high standards. If you want to turn the music up and impress your passengers, it’s time to look into these exact aftermarket speakers.

The other important consideration to make is whether or not this system will be a good match for your vehicle. Do you have places to fit all of the speakers that come with the C7 Series from JL Audio? Will they work well with your other equipment like the head unit or amplifier you use? If you’re uncertain, your local car audio professional can help.

Where to Buy JL Audio C7 Series

If you’re after the best of the best, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the real deal. Shop from a local vendor to get good service and professional installation. You might also want to ask if the vendor is authorized by JL Audio to guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty.

JL Audio C7 Series Speakers at Audio Express

Here at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound, we genuinely enjoy connecting our customers with the best car speakers like JL Audio’s C7 Series. We are authorized vendors for each and every product on our shelves, so you can count on us for excellent deals on premium car speakers. Visit us today to get a quick professional installation.

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