Product Review: Kicker CSC Series Entry Level and KSC Series Mid Level

Ever since Kicker started in a garage in 1973, the brand has been known for making some of the best car speakers on the market. The engineers at Kicker work hard to stay at the forefront of technology, and their work shines through in every product they make.

The brand offers speakers at multiple different levels and in multiple different price ranges. While some audiophiles like the top shelf QSS Series Q Class, most people are satisfied with either the entry-level CSC Series or mid-level KSC Series. Component systems from Kicker are some of the best ways to upgrade your car speakers without breaking the bank.

Kicker Features and Specs

At every product level, Kicker speakers are durable and reliable for a reasonable price. The sound difference will be noticeable when compared to any standard car speakers from the manufacturer, so it’s definitely worth upgrading if you enjoy great sound quality.

One of the best things about both the CSC Series and the KSC Series is that both levels offer a wide variety of different speakers, so you can find the size you need for your specific vehicle.Some of the most important features and specs for each of these different packages include the following:

Kicker CSC Series
◦ Two and three-way speakers available depending on size
◦ Polypropylene woofer cone surrounded in polyester foam for clear bass without rattling
◦ Polyetherimide dome tweeter for excellent responsivity and balanced sound
◦ Designed to replace your existing speakers without changing the look of your vehicle
◦ RMS Power: 30 Watts
◦ Peak Power: 90 Watts
◦ Sensitivity: 88 dB
◦ Frequency Response: 80-20,000 Hz
◦ One year warranty
• Kicker KSC Series
◦ Two and three-way speakers available depending on size
◦ Polypropylene woofer cone surrounded in rubber for booming bass at any volume
◦ Silk dome tweeter to provide exceptional clarity and detail on high notes
◦ Slim fit allows for better installation in just about any vehicle
◦ RMS Power: 100 Watts
◦ Peak Power: 200 Watts
◦ Sensitivity: 90 dB
◦ Frequency Response: 43-21,000 Hz
◦ One year warranty

When to Buy Kicker Component Speakers

Since the brand offers such a wide product line, there’s really no bad scenario for upgrading to Kicker speakers. The only big question is exactly what you should get. In the choice between the CSC Series and the KSC series, it really boils down to your budget and your standards. If you want something very affordable that will still sound better than your factory speakers, we recommend the CSC series.

If you’re willing to pay just a little bit more for even greater power, frequency range, and clarity, the KSC is well worth your money, especially if you are also using an amplifier. Other than that, the only things you need to do are make sure the speaker sizes you select will fit in your car and the equipment will function with your existing head unit and amplifier.

Where to Buy Kicker Component Speakers

As with any other automotive sound system upgrades, we recommend you shop locally with an authorized vendor so you can receive all of the following:
• Genuine products at great prices
• Professional installations from the same people who sell the equipment
• Full access to the manufacturer warranty

Buy Kicker Component Speakers at Audio Express

Our team at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound has the experience to help you pick out the best car speaker for your vehicle, budget, and requirements. We’ll work with you to determine which Kicker series is right for you, help you select the right sizes, then install it for you at a low price. Come see us whenever you’re ready to upgrade your sound.

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